Mobile phones instead of credit cards?

  simonjary 13:49 27 Apr 2007

click here

Do you think it will catch on?

  €dstowe 14:21 27 Apr 2007

"Soon we'll make all our payments via our mobile phones"

No we won't!

  georgemac © 14:37 27 Apr 2007

I'll have my credit/debit cards for a long time yet - I won't be paying for anything using my mobile.

  pj123 16:07 27 Apr 2007

My mobile phone is exactly that. It just makes and receives telephone calls. (when it's switched on, that is).

It's a Philips Savvy and I have had it for years. It doesn't take photos, play music, show TV or do the washing up or make tea.
I am quite happy to stick with my plastic.

  Kate B 16:15 27 Apr 2007

I don't see any reason to resist this, actually - it's convenient. You can already pay the London congestion charge by mobile; and it's just an extension of being able to pay for stuff online.

  Forum Editor 17:37 27 Apr 2007

It will be extremely convenient, and I can't think of a single good reason why it shouldn't work perfectly.

  €dstowe 18:48 27 Apr 2007

The problem with ALL of these "all things to all men (and women) devices is that you're really in the proverbial if the device:

1. fails to work

2. gets lost

3. gets stolen

The first of these is very likely as the more complicated a device is, the more likely it is to go wrong. The chance of failure rises in geometric proportion with the rise in complexity.

The second of these becomes increasingly possible with the obsession with miniaturisation so that before long (and the miniaturisation rate proceed at the same rate it has been doing) your mobile phone will be so small it will be able to slip through the stitching on your trousers pocket.

The third prospect gets more likely with every development in a mobile phone. If the device contains money (if only in a theoretical sense) again, the chance of theft rises in a more than linear proportion.

My mobile phone is like pj123's. It functions as a phone - nothing else. I want it to remain that way.

  spuds 12:08 28 Apr 2007

I like the opening comment on the link provided by simonjary " According to reports,the credit card is dead".

I wouldn't fancy paying at a supermarket checkout by mobile.

Like others have mentioned, my mobile is not a plaything to annoy me or anyone else. Its there for the sole occasional reason and use for emergencies only.

  Kate B 12:12 28 Apr 2007

What's your objection to using a mobile to pay at the supermarket? It's exactly the same as using any other means of payment. It also cuts down on the stuff you carry around if you can use one device for several different functions.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:21 28 Apr 2007

If it catches-on I don't suppose it will take the criminal fraternity long to find ways of exploiting this. Also there is no such thing as a mobile network that works everywhere. A mobile is useless without a signal as we all know.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 15:25 28 Apr 2007

Kate B
I don't want to carry a mobile phone and a credit card is much easier to cary than a phone

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