Mobile Phones Banned

  morddwyd 09:09 28 Jun 2010

No not everywhere, just at the Open in St Andrews next month.

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Brilliant idea, let's hope it spreads!

  johndrew 10:08 28 Jun 2010

Perhaps to cars, vans, lorries, supermarkets, trains, high streets, shops, offices ...........

  dagbladet 10:19 28 Jun 2010

Why offices?

  gengiscant 11:35 28 Jun 2010

What would be the point of having a mobile phone?

  Clapton is God 11:54 28 Jun 2010

"Why offices?"

I think you'll find that offices are generally supplied with landlines these days.

  Noldi 12:00 28 Jun 2010

And maybe people who carry on using phones on Aircraft after being told all electronic devises should now be turned off. We have a rule at work if you forget to turn of your mobile before entering a meeting, you pay £1 if it rings, once a year all the managers go out on this money including the other rule £1 per min you are late.


  dagbladet 12:05 28 Jun 2010

"I think you'll find that offices are generally supplied with landlines these days."

Yeah, they've also got pens and paper, yet I understand some of them have installed these new fangled computers as well.

So why ban mobiles from offices?

  spuds 12:17 28 Jun 2010

"So why ban mobiles from offices?"

Perhaps to stop annoying other people, who might be trying to work, and who consider an office is not an extension to a social environment.

The rule should also apply to buses. Nothing like having an idiot phoning their mate three seats away. Or the idiot telling everyone (loudly) that they are on a bus, and giving a commentary on where they are now :O((

  Covergirl 12:34 28 Jun 2010


If you sat in an office you would soon realise that the young ones tend to sit there covertly texting their mates or attending to their social networking status for most of the day.

Tell me you haven't seen it and you either don't work in an office or your office is the exception.

Apart from the youngsters, you'll find the more 'mature' people generally answering texts or accepting private calls. Myself excluded of course - I use email to my one and only and keep it to one or two brief messages per day - and sometimes even none per day!

Why people in an office need to bring in their mobile phone is beyond me, but it's one of my pet hates as you may be able to tell.

Just about everybody in an office has a desk phone these days, so there is no real reason to need a mobile phone.

Ban them from offices I say, and get the workforce productivity up!

  Clapton is God 12:41 28 Jun 2010

"So why ban mobiles from offices?"

Ignoring your unnecessarily facetious comments about pens and paper and computers you'll find that a number of other members, particularly spuds and Covergirl, have already adequately and eloquently answered your question.

  jack 12:43 28 Jun 2010

When personal telephone call were forbidden unless absolutely necessary , and all had to go through the switch board.
An individual I know who worked for the MOD was absolutely incommunicado during working hours and could only be reached by a receptionist who would take a message- and direct conversation was not allowed.
As many offices now have tight security with with manned doors[to prevent strangers in white coats nicking things like computer 'to be serviced']
It is not beyond the wit on security of these firms to require all Cell phones to be deposited at the entrance to be recovered when individuals have finished for the day .

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