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  amonra 13:32 05 May 2006

Whilst we were eating lunch my wife's mobile burst into life and registered a text message. As we were expecting some very important news of a seriously ill friend she dashed to answer it only to find it was from Direct Line car insurance, a reminder to renew. My insurance is due shortly (with Dir. Line) but how on earth have they managed to suss out my wife's mobile number when it's a closely guarded family secret and associate it with MY policy ??? My own mobile is still silent, no incoming calls or texts. Strikes me as more of "Big Brother is watching you". Has any forum member experienced this sort of thing before ? Very un-nerving.

  SG Atlantis® 15:28 05 May 2006

You must have given them the number at some point. Or do you both have policies in which case they can, I suppose, cross reference them.

  Jackcoms 15:58 05 May 2006

If it's upset you and/or your wife, why not have a word with Direct Line and tell them that you do not wish them to contact you (or your wife) by text?

Tell them you prefer snail mail or e-mail or whatever suits you best.

If they're unwilling to comply, you can always take your insurance business elsewhere.

  SB23 16:02 05 May 2006

Yes I have, just a fortnight after purchasing a new phone last year. I couldn't remember the no, so how they got the no, I suppose we will never know, and yes it is very un-nerving.

  spuds 20:04 05 May 2006

Generally you provide contact details like phone numbers on application of a policy. You and your wifes details will be interlinked on a database for security checking purposes.

Ticking/unticking the box, or instructions to not use for marketing purposes, usually solves the problem.

  Forum Editor 09:11 06 May 2006

and it's an increasingly common one.

With sophisticated technological advances can come unwanted side effects, and this is one of them. Anyone who believes that he/she can use all the electronic tools available nowadays and still maintain absolute privacy is labouring under a delusion I'm afraid. The only way to do it is by binning the mobile, never using a credit card or the internet, and never leaving the house - CCTV is everywhere.

We like to think that we can protect our "right" to privacy, but we can't anymore, and we might as well accept the fact.

  amonra 15:07 06 May 2006

I suppose I will never find out how they managed to get my wife's mobile number because she hardly ever uses it and when she does it's only to close friends and family, NEVER to any other organisation. The strange thing is, they haven't contacted me on my mobile. As the FE says we live in an "open" world and all data is accessible to someone somewhere. When the new ID card comes into force, look out ! Someone will hack into the central database and cause havoc. Dont say it's not possible, NOTHING is impossible, just a little more difficult.
End of sermon.

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