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  Graphicool1 13:57 02 Aug 2011

Over the years, since the birth of the first mobile phone, their manufacturers have made huge strides in their progression. The first thing they did was to shrink them into virtual micro phones. Then they added games and further development came in leaps and bounds.

Now we can use them to surf the Internet, send and receive email's and watch films. Then, from just around the corner touch screen technology strolled in. Being a Techie and I guess some would say a Geek. It wouldn't be surprising that I personally, both welcome and receive all these technological breakthroughs in the mobile phone development, with open arms.

Although and here it comes, as ever it's never far away...'BUT' always with the but! There is one glaring problem with all this progression, that hitherto has been overlooked. For, it is, is it not, when all is said and done supposed to be a 'Mobile Phone'? Well, this, for me, is the oe thing in the greater scheme of things, fallen by the wayside. I think just about everyone - who doesn't live in a City - will know what I mean when I say the word 'connection'.

The mobile phone and its progression is a wondrous thing. But when all is said and done if I want to play games, watch films, surf the net, use a touch screen, send and receive email's, I can use a PC. Wether at home, at a friends or in an Internet café.

However, there can be times when we're out and about in the countryside and no where near a land line phone and need to make or receive a phone message. It could be an emergency!

What a fantastic achievement it would be if someone could invent a contraption, small enough to be carried in a pocket, that could be guaranteed to assist us to communicate with the outside world. I guess, just the emergency services would do for a start. What a breakthrough that would be!

  Chegs ®™ 06:05 03 Aug 2011


We had 3 of the masts disguised as trees near us(well,11 miles)and they looked utterly ridiculous as there were some real trees in the same field.I read many letters of complaint in the local paper about plans to erect a mast next to an Infant school,the provider revised the plans & tried several nearby locations(including a fire station roof)but the NIMBYs won & it ended up back on the school boundary.There was even an outcry about erecting a mast on an old chimney beside a bloody great multi-storey carpark,so the provider was forced to hide the cables behind some MDF disguised as bricks.The buildings the chimney might've belonged to were demolished so long ago I only discovered recently there'd been a bakery on the site as during the clearance of the scrapyard site(to make way for a huge office development that looks like a gigantic greenhouse in the artists impressions)some old ovens were unearthed & from a piece in the paper about their history.I also believe some masts are hidden within Garage Forecourt signs,which if true makes sense(no complaints from the NIMBYs)

I often think people complain simply because they can,from much reading of the local paper it would appear that phone masts still go up whatever the level of complaint(much like the bloody windfarms)from the public,yet an official body such as the Lake District National Parks Authority can refuse and thats it,no mast period.

  Graphicool1 11:28 03 Aug 2011


"It's not the phone, it's if you can get a signal where you want to use it.

It's best to check the signal coverage area for each supplier before deciding."

Been there, done that. they all say much the same...

'Good signal outside, poor or no signal inside'

I then get the phone, little or no signal outside. Only can obtain a signal inside if I stand on a chair and hold the phone up to the ceiling. I live in a bungalow, so I can't go upstairs.

  Graphicool1 15:07 04 Aug 2011

Chegs ®™

I live in Norfolk and am surrounded by wind farms but I have no problem with them. In fact I think that might be a good place to put the telephone masts, among groups of wind turbines.

  interzone55 15:45 04 Aug 2011

Chegs ®™

The phone masts only have to go for planning approval if they're more than 10m high, although some networks will apply for permission for a bigger mast, and if it's rejected just install a 10m mast instead.

I don't feel wind farms are an eyesore, I used to live within a mile of Scout Moor wind farm, which was the biggest onshore site when it was built. I now live near Caton Moor which has a smaller farm of only 8 turbines. Both sites are painted a pale grey colour so it blends with the sky most of the year

  Graphicool1 15:57 06 Aug 2011

They could bring back morse code. Or how about relay semifore? That's got me thinking, whatever happened to crystal sets? All that was necessary was to connect a wire from the set to a cold water pipe and you could then pick up radio stations. Perhaps it could be adapted to both receive and send messages. How about combining a Crystal Set with a Morse Code Machine. Forget texting, lets have dots and dashes!

.-- .... .- - -.. --- -.-- --- ..- - .... .. -. -.- --. ..- -.-- ...

It would certainly be private, well at first anyway.

  wiz-king 16:08 06 Aug 2011

.. / - .... .. -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .- / .-.. ..- -.. -.. .. - .

  Graphicool1 16:56 06 Aug 2011

Hi wiz-king

".. / - .... .. -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .- / .-.. ..- -.. -.. .. - ."

Do you really?

I don't think that Marconi or Eddison would have let that kind of thinking stand in the way of progress. After all big trees from little acorns grow.

Anyway, who wants a Mobile Phone mast in their neighbourhood? Remember, Crystal Sets or Morse Code Machines won't fry your brain! So what I say is NIMBY's of the world unite and join me in my campagne. Today we have a few scribblings on PCA, tomorrow it could be a manifesto.

  Strawballs 17:26 06 Aug 2011

Then don't complain when your mobile phone does not work outside of the cities

  Strawballs 17:27 06 Aug 2011

They also use to say the body could not stand moving faster than a horse could run.

  Graphicool1 17:31 06 Aug 2011


"They also use to say the body could not stand moving faster than a horse could run."

Thanx for that, it explains why I get motion sickness on bus's, coaches and fairground rides.

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