Mobile phone contracts and number porting

  VNAM75 14:50 10 Aug 2005

I'll be getting a new mobile phone on an o2 contract and I want to transfer my existing number from my Pay as you go phone. Is this possible and would the o2 network do this free of charge? Also, when the 12 month contract expires can I go back to Pay as you go using the new phone?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:44 10 Aug 2005

Thge best people to ask would be the O2 helpline......0870 600 3009


  ade.h 17:48 10 Aug 2005

Yes, yes and yes. In that order.

BTW - useful link for you click here

  georgemac © 18:06 10 Aug 2005

you need to get a PAC code from your exisiting PAYG provider and give it to O2, if O2 is your PAYG provider you need to speak to them, it might not be so easy click here a decent article

  pavvi 23:06 10 Aug 2005

I work for Carphone Warehouse and it is possible to get a pac code from o2 pay as you go a sales consultant will even allow you to use their phones to do it....if you're after the sony ericcson k750i, they are in short supply....avoid the motorola v3 like the plague horrible phone doesn't do half the things other (even cheaper) phones do. The Walkman phone will be out in the next few days (sony ericsson w800i) and will be better than most with a 2 megapixel auto focus camera expandable memory, and at the moment all the phones are tending to come complete with data cable and software (well the k750i did). Photographs from the phone are amazing and the sound quality as you would imagine on the sony is out of this world. The w800i will be exclusive to carphone for a while.

  pavvi 23:12 10 Aug 2005

you will be able to go back to payg again, you'll need to give 30 days notice, you just let your service provider know and they'll either just convert it back or send you a payg sim card free of charge and transfer the number again. Be flexible on network as there are lots of offers can port your number to orange and then port your number back to O2 at the end of the contract, you simply get a pac code from orange and the moment you use the number when you go back on payg, that cancels your need for 30 days notice then as using a pac automatically cancels your contract... If you are anticipating using a lot of data avoid vodafone as they have no bundles at the moment for wap, t mobile have some good bundles...55mb for 15 a month at the moment, which is the cheapest.......

Hope I haven't confused you too much.....

  pavvi 23:20 10 Aug 2005

It will take between 5 and 10 working days for your number to port over depending on the network and service provider, you'll know when it has happened because your payg sim will disconnect, and generally there is a 1-2 hour time period where you will be out of service altogether while the number transfers. During this time it is best to leave your new phone switched off with your new sim card in it. There is no way of predicting when the gap in service will could come in the iddle of the day or if you're very lucky part way through the night. Grab as many brochures as you can and make a good choice of phone as you are tied to it for at least a year.

Good luck!!!

  VNAM75 00:52 11 Aug 2005

Sorry, this should be in ConsumerWatch. Thanks everyone for the advice. pavvi, what I forgot to mention was I want to transfer my o2 prepay number to an o2 contract phone, therefore the same networks. I am actually getting the k750i, it's got a brilliant camera and sound.

  pavvi 07:43 11 Aug 2005

If you haven't already ordered the phone you can port the number from o2 payg to o2 contract with no difficulty, just get your pac from o2 and give it to the shop.

  VNAM75 12:36 11 Aug 2005

Thanks pavvi, I was told by someone at phones4u that this would be very difficult to do within the same networks, ie. o2.

  pavvi 17:37 11 Aug 2005

It's absolutely no different to any other procedure for pac codes the only difference would have been if you want to go from prep to post pay (contract) with orange, T mobile or at carphone at the moment, Virgin, o2 and voda you can get a pac to go from pre to post pay and get the full choice of deal.....
all the best

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