Mobile Cellphone Jamming and the Law

  Quickbeam 11:38 12 Mar 2013

I thought it was illegal in all of Europe, but the Vatican have jammed mobile signals in the Sistine Chapel to stop septuagenarian tweeting Cardinals from contacting the outside world!

"Jamming devices in the Sistine Chapel should block all electronic communication and anyone tweeting would in any case risk being excommunicated."

Many of them are into modern communication methods, but not modern lifestyle thinking.

  Belatucadrus 12:09 12 Mar 2013

As an independant city state ruled by the Pope and not a member of the EU I suspect the Vatican can do what it likes with the phone signals.

  Woolwell 12:11 12 Mar 2013

I think that the problem is that they are aware of modern lifestyle and in order to preserve confidentiality, secrecy (IMO it should be more open) and to avoid suggestions of external influence then tweeting, etc has been banned. I would think that the jamming devices are to stop eaves droppers otherwise the implication is that they cannot trust them not to use electronic devices.

  fourm member 14:23 12 Mar 2013

Can I go back to the beginning? What makes you think it is illegal to jam a mobile phone signal? It might be illegal for a state to do it on a statewide basis but, surely, if an individual or company decides it doesn't want mobiles used on its premises, it can act to prevent that.

I am actually asking about this because I don't know what the position is. I just think there's no real difference between using shielding to block signals and saying, for example, no mobile phones at a swimming pool.

  fourm member 14:26 12 Mar 2013

The cardinals are supposed to focus totally on the voting so it might just be so they can't be distracted by making a booking for a relaxing sauna after work.

  Quickbeam 14:49 12 Mar 2013

I'm pretty certain that the FE in the past has said that it's a criminal offence to interfere with legal wireless telecommunications.

  Quickbeam 14:54 12 Mar 2013

...and I'm shocked that you've sunk to my level with that risque sauna link!

  fourm member 15:14 12 Mar 2013
  fourm member 15:31 12 Mar 2013

As for the sauna story, I thought the thread was about the modern world impacting on the hierarchy of the church.

  wiz-king 17:28 12 Mar 2013

It is illegal to transmit any radio signal without a licence. there are a couple of wavebands that have a general public licence but cellphones bands are not one of them, the main ones are used for short range control eg car locks.

  wiz-king 17:45 12 Mar 2013

On the subject of jamming - GPS jammers are causing a problem with both aircraft and shipping. Drivers use them to block the signal so that their lorry owners cannot track them to know if they are swinging the lead or using the firms vehicle for private use. but they can cause interference the any other GPS signal in the near vicinity.

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