Mo Mowlam

  Al94 12:47 01 Feb 2010

Anybody watch the Channel 4 drama last night? Julie Walters was outstanding in her portrayal of Mo, probably the best acting performance I have ever seen. It was a powerful poignant story - well told and gave a huge insight into her nature and the way she operated. If you missed it, well worth trying to catch up on.

  oldbeefer2 14:59 01 Feb 2010

Hadn't realised she was quite so foul mouthed (if that shown was a reasonable representation).

  MAJ 15:19 01 Feb 2010

I did watch it and it was very good, of course there was some artistic license used but Julie Walters was excellent (as usual). Ms Walters used the same driver as Mo used, so she had some first-hand input to draw on. There were some great one-liners in the script, politeness and forum rules prevent me from repeating some of my favourites, but for anyone who watched it, I nearly wet myself when she "hinted" that she doubted whether a female had ever entered the Portadown Orange Order's building she was about to visit, then noted that she was incorrect, because the place appeared to be full of...........

  Awshum 17:10 01 Feb 2010

Great show - I always liked Mo Mowlam as Secretary of State and had some idea of her character. What touched me was firstly her struggle with the tumour, in regards to who she was, her own personality v the symptoms. Either way she was the best secretary of state we ever had and I was saddened to see her go and then her untimely demise. The acting was brilliant and the only really obvious inaccuracy was placing her doing her signings in Victoria Square.

  Al94 17:20 01 Feb 2010

Yes, I wondered why they did that (Victoria Square is a high profile shopping centre in Belfast that only opened a couple of years ago) Didn't take away from the programme though.

  Awshum 17:24 01 Feb 2010

absolutely al94 the acting was first class.

  brindly 17:45 01 Feb 2010

If thats what the people we elect to run our country behave and talk like, thats why we have "a broken society" The acting is not the important thing if she was really like that and she was considered a nice person god help us.What could possibly be atractive about that display.

  MAJ 18:11 01 Feb 2010

She had a way of putting those stick-up-their-ass people in their place. Dya know any?

  Awshum 19:12 01 Feb 2010

much rather have Ministers like Mo than the likes of Mandy. I was gutted when that douche (to use an american phrase) took over from her in Northern Ireland.

  morddwyd 19:51 01 Feb 2010

Was looking forward to it but switched off in the first ten minutes when the obscenities started.

I'm no prude, but not my idea of entertainment for my living room I'm afraid.

Please don'y tell me it reflects the society we live in, because that is not the society that I live in.

  Forum Editor 01:07 02 Feb 2010

like Mo Mowlam our country would be a better place.

She was one of those politicians who believe that integrity isn't just a word, but is something to live by, and as a result she was not always the most popular person with her peers. Mo tended to tell it as she saw it, and that isn't necessarily a recipe for success in political circles.

Nevertheless, she had a genuine affection for the people of Northern Ireland, and with a few notable exceptions the people seemed to feel the same about her. She was a one-off, and we could do with more like her - swearing and all.

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