AndySD 14:33 09 Jan 2007

Hi all

We have been discussing the mnemonics we learnt at school and from our parents such as;

Thirty days hath September,

April, June and November;

February has twenty eight alone

All the rest have thirty-one

Except in Leap Year, that's the time

When February's Days are twenty-nine

and the one for the colours on resistors

Butler Butler Rave or Yell Go Back Via Graylingwell

Can anyone sugest any more?

  wee eddie 14:40 09 Jan 2007

I cant reel off the second line from the top of my head

  Brumas 14:46 09 Jan 2007


The Reactivity series?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:58 09 Jan 2007

click here is a very good article about mnemonics


  ventanas 15:08 09 Jan 2007

Classification of stars O B A F G K M

Oh be a fine girl, kiss me

  JoE. 15:27 09 Jan 2007

Planets: 'My Very Easy Method Just Sums Up Nine Planets'...

Not so any more. Theyre bound to come up with a new one soon enough.

  monkeyboy21 15:38 09 Jan 2007

Roy G Biv

Colours of the rainbow in order, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, voilet

  Diodorus Siculus 15:50 09 Jan 2007

People can't memorize computer industry acronyms

My favourite!

  BigAl127 16:06 09 Jan 2007

If i'm not mistaken you've got Indigo & blue the wrong way round.

I was taught as:-

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain


Run Off You Girls Boys In View

  wee eddie 16:22 09 Jan 2007

When dinner is finished there is no Red Port Left.

  diy 19:56 09 Jan 2007

For a right angled triangle
Sin Cos Tan = Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Till Partly Bald

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