wolfie3000 01:54 31 Oct 2005

Iv read with interest about sexual content in MMorpg games in one of the pcadvisor blogs i am writing an article for a MMorpg website about the emergance of MMorpg games and havent heard of any MMorpg games that feature any sexual content i guess i havent actively searched out MMorpg games with sexual content but i guess its like some other games sex creeps in eventually.

  wolfie3000 02:00 31 Oct 2005

Heres the article in the blog click here

  Haol 18:13 31 Oct 2005

I have never seen any sexual content on any MMorpg, although I know there is some in some of the big console games such GTA San Andreas(this can be seen straight away on the front cover).

  wolfie3000 05:37 01 Nov 2005

Hiya Haol seemingly there are alot of MMorpg's out there with extreme sexual content it surprised me but i guess that alone will make them popular.

  Kate B 14:42 01 Nov 2005

I think there's a World of Warcraft mod that takes your character's clothes off ... but that's hardly sexual!

  Haol 16:26 01 Nov 2005

Well it depends on what they show you underneath.

  wolfie3000 20:24 01 Nov 2005

After doing a bit of rewsearch iv discovered that there are one or two MMorpg's out there that promote sexual content this worries me as they could be abused.
i dont see the point to having a mod in world of warcraft to enable the characters to take off there clothes as it doesnt help you in any way i guess its just a bit of fun.

  MESH Support 10:36 03 Nov 2005

Due to the way World of Warcraft works, if you use a mod to remove/replace the textures on a model, only the client (you who installed the mod) would see the change. Others without the mod would see nothing.

What you refer to regarding as a mod for removing your clothes I beleive is one a few role players use in order to switch costumes rapidly. You preset what items you want to wear on what parts of the body and with a single click can switch outfits.

It stands to reason that some people will either intentionally or accidently created a profile with no clothes on, but by default in World of Warcraft, this will put your character in their underwear.

With male characters you are in your boxers, I'm sure you can guess what items the females are left wearing and I guess this is your sexy/racy angle you are looking for.

Hope this helps.


  MESH Support 10:37 03 Nov 2005


"Others without the mod would see nothing."

By nothing, I meant nothing different, you still get to see the other characters wearing their choice of clothes.


  Forum Editor 14:27 03 Nov 2005

incredibly childish to me - we're talking about characters in a computer game after all.

  Haol 16:19 03 Nov 2005

Yes but computers are now able to render so extremely real looking characters. Whats underneath could extremely realistic too.

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