misuse of medical progress

  lofty29 09:25 29 May 2008

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This I find totally disgusting, A tragic misuse of medical advances. This couple do not deserve to have children, they should be charged with neglect and made to pay for the girls maintence until they are eighteen

  spuds 11:30 29 May 2008

If the parents are 59 and 72 as the article states, then perhaps the twins have a better future with foster or adoptive parents, especially if the original family and community members have actually rejected them completely.

It is still a common practise in certain parts of the world, that girls are either aborted,killed or abandoned at birth or shortly afterwards.

  peter99co 11:43 29 May 2008

She should be sterilised.

  newman35 12:05 29 May 2008

"She should be sterilised."

Typical reaction.
I would need far more info than that from a 'Daily Wail' reporter before passing such summary 'justice' - but, hey, everything is black-and-white, in your world, I suppose.
Suppose surgical removal of hands for shoplifting is the next option proposed?

  Forum Editor 12:08 29 May 2008

but it's probably unique - I haven't heard of it happening in this country before. Abandoning children is a criminal offence, and if that's what this couple did they may be charged. The article says it is 'believed' that these two abandoned the babies, so before we hang, draw and quarter them it might be best to wait for the facts to be confirmed.

  MrCutter 18:11 29 May 2008

It will be a joint decision between the hospital, social services & the parents on how things will go forward from here on & it's often best in these situations to really listen to what the professionals are saying over this issue.

Some newspapers like to ham up a story as it sells more copies!

  peter99co 18:22 29 May 2008

I do not read newspapers but I find do-gooders a real pain. Lofty is appalled and so am I

If she had two girls and gave them away so soon she is evil and if there is no truth in the story what are we really being told. It was a mistake to let a 59 year old IVF? Or is it a fairy story that the Mail has dreamt up?

Of course the children are precious and need the best care available.

The doctor or idiot who performed the IVF should be jailed for malpractice.

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