'Miracle' diet pill goes on sale in UK!

  Uboat 14:27 20 Apr 2009

Mmm i'd give it a try i suppose, i wonder if that pill will be available via NHS.? cause if it is they will be a lot of people try it!

Mind you at £50 a month it dont come cheap! would you give it a go.?

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  Quickbeam 15:00 20 Apr 2009

Nothing will ever be as good as a properly balanced diet. Mt Doctor prescribed me some of those statin pills to lower my cholesterol, after 3 months I felt like my legs had become an old mans. Even just running upstairs (something I've always done) became impossible. When I told him this he just said all drugs have some sort of side effect and if I want to lower my cholesterol without them, I have to change my diet... so I did.

  BT 16:40 20 Apr 2009

My wife has been using Orlistat prescribed by the doctor. It does work to an extent but its no miracle, you still have to cut down on your food intake. It stops you absorbing some of the fat in your diet.
The main side effect is rather 'explosive' to say the least, and it turns your 'poo' bright orange and very smelly, and you don't get much warning. Nevertheless it does work but the Doc is taking her off it after the current round as she has reached a plateau and it is no longer having any useful effect. They don't like to prescribe it for more than 6 months.

  Bingalau 16:47 20 Apr 2009

I blame statins for giving my wife bile duct cancer... One doctor increased her dose whilst being treated for cholesterol problems. That had an adverse effect which I think was the start of her cancer.... Of course there is not a thing I can do about it, but I would love it to be proved for the sake of the thousands of people who use statins. I think they are now doing tests on this very subject. I certainly hope they are.

  (~oo~) 17:02 20 Apr 2009

in 6 months by sensible diet and regular exercise.:-)

I on the other hand have put on 2 stone since I gave up fags 3 years ago:-(

  OTT_Buzzard 17:12 20 Apr 2009

[Rant] if you want to diet then consume less calories than you burn off. Exercise. Lots and lots of exercise.

Damned diet pills. Should be prescription only and only given to people who have exhausted all other options (or in need medical of crash weight-loss). Maybe better public awareness that 'thin isnt necessarily beautiful' wouldn't go astray. [/Rant]

  Forum Editor 17:55 20 Apr 2009

It's called 'eating less food'.

  Colin 19:11 20 Apr 2009

... and moving.

  zzzz999 06:50 21 Apr 2009

fourm member

A 'miracle' drug, to me, would be one where I could carry on with my existing diet but lose weight.

You're thinking of super strength laxatives

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