The minimum wage increase from this wednesday

  Animalmagic 11:30 28 Sep 2008

Up again it goes, This time by 21.pence per hour, anyone that employs need to be aware of this.

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  spuds 11:41 28 Sep 2008

Still won't stop the hard taskmaster setting on cheap labour, and paying well below minimum.

Its a bit like the recent increase in adverts about 'employing' foreign labour and requiring a licence, and the penalties involved if you don't register.

Its only the good guys that will obey any changes, the bad guys will take very little notice, unless something very drastic is done about policing the situations.

  Animalmagic 12:21 28 Sep 2008

Spuds i belive this is why there is such as the "Gang Masters" licence which is a step in the right direction

  spuds 13:49 28 Sep 2008

I can assure you that it might be a step in the right direction. But it will not provide certain people in society with a living wage or perhaps better conditions.

There will always be the 'rogue' boss. And dare I say, I have met a few of them. One company that I know provides work for schoolchildren or 16/17 year olds and the 'more vulnerable of society' only, mainly on a part-time basis, in the rag sorting trade. This doesn't stop or prevent the bosses living in noticeable luxury.

  wee eddie 14:39 28 Sep 2008

I am currently driving a Taxi for a living, at 63 most Job Interviews usually ended with the Interviewer saying that I was "Overqualified", which is the shorthand for too old, but doesn't break the Rules, and we are paid £5.00 per hour.

Now you may say that Tips will take this over the Basic Wage, but "mid-week" this is not the case.

However, many days through the middle of the week in winter, the Taxi frequently earns less than £5.00 per hour.

As my savings preclude me from State Help, but would be quite insufficient if I tried to live on them, I am left in an invidious position of removing my job if I demand my rights.

  Animalmagic 18:08 28 Sep 2008

fourm member
"What gets me are the people who pay 5p an hour above the minimum wage and bang on about being a good, generous employer." or state "Above min wage"

  Bingalau 18:55 28 Sep 2008

There are other people such as private shopkeepers who will not be able to afford the extra and they will go to the wall. Or lay off an employee.

  rickylad 19:14 28 Sep 2008

family in their shops so if they pay low wages their own family will suffre. I dont think they will be worried by 21p an hour rise but some of those people who run big farms will. Thbey pay very low wages

  Condom 19:37 28 Sep 2008

What really upsets me is posh Hotels. They charge you unbelievable sums of money per night to stay and pay their cleaners buttons. One of the poshest in my area has now started paying its cheap foreign cleaning staff by the room now instead of by the hour. Nice way to hide the hourly rate would you say?

  GRIDD 20:17 28 Sep 2008

"One of the poshest in my area has now started paying its cheap foreign cleaning staff by the room now instead of by the hour"

That in turn may be advantageous for the cleaner. Many cleaners have several sites to visit in one day. If the cleaner can achieve the standard in less time then they are the way to the next job...

I friend of mine who is from Slovakia works flat out. 7am to 9am cleaning for Iceland, 10am to 12pm cleaning some offices and then our place from 2pm or 4pm til 10pm. He gets above the NMW on all jobs and rarely takes a day off.

  oresome 20:31 28 Sep 2008

I was talking to a lowly employee in a posh hotel's staff canteen the other day. He was eating a meal and I asked him how much longer he had to work that shift.

He was actually about to finish and was having his evening meal before going home. Breakfast on arrival followed by lunch at midday and dinner before there are some perks to the job.

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