mini-midi-maxi motor cycles and usage.

  spuds 17:17 22 Sep 2015

I suspect that most areas of the country have been plagued by those noisy miniature motorcycles of Chinese origin, and it seems to be a practice of confiscation, destruction of the machine and reprimand or fines for those riding them.

Our local police force and council often highlights this problem, and perhaps more so when council land is being used.

I have always been in the frame of mind, that punishment is not a good example, but education and provision of facilities is as much important. This suggestion as been met with scorn on many occasions, by authorities.

Yet yesterday, our local police force are now talking about purchasing a few moped types, so to allow young people the privilege of learning to ride one of these items.No mention at present, if this will lead to legal licences or not.

So question. Are the police and council being in self denial, when taking the actions they have previously, then using tax payers money for a project that still requires land and facilities, to provide the younger person with something that they might have always wanted.

  spuds 23:46 22 Sep 2015

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  Dragon_Heart 00:46 23 Sep 2015

Hi Spuds .... better late than never.

Professional supervised facilities are always a better option than the kids I see with no helmets riding on the local side streets. They are a danger to themselves and others. Each road death costs approx. on average £1.5 Million .... yes I was surprised myself.

It's the under 16's that's the main problem, some areas offer races for these types of mini bikes sometimes on sympathetic farmers land that they wish to leave barren for that year.

For those who just sneak off whilst Mum / Dad are not looking ... destruction of bike I feel is only option.

Until my eyesight went I was a IAM biker.

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