Mini cab drivers and their fares

  bumpkin 15:42 30 Sep 2018

Myself and family use a lot cabs from a local company. The minimum fare is £5 which is understandable. Today a got one, a 1.5 mile 4min drive and when I gave him the fiver he said in foreign accent "more mone, more money". He wanted £7, no big deal but it annoyed me enough to call the cab company who said they would deal with it. To my surprise they made him come back to my house and refund the overcharge.

  wee eddie 16:00 30 Sep 2018

Of course. He was breaking their T&Cs

  bumpkin 16:15 30 Sep 2018

I was expecting you to reply. What is this drivers objective, I would have given him a tip anyway. Time they got rid of him and his likes.

  martd7 16:33 30 Sep 2018

Wee Eddie

Have you heard of anything like this?

A Local minicab company i used to use got into a strange habit where the the driver would ask either what did you pay last time? Or what would you like to pay?

I stopped using them,just thought it was a daft way of working out the fare

  wee eddie 16:36 30 Sep 2018

I drive a Hack, as opposed to a Private Hire, which your man is/was.

It is likely that the Company issued a warning to him. But all organisations have problems with employees trying to make a bit extra on the side

  wee eddie 16:38 30 Sep 2018

Mart7: They may be using Unlicensed Cars with no Meter.

  Pine Man 16:46 30 Sep 2018

The last taxi I used was in Portugal. The driver gave me a fixed price for the journey but due to crashes and all sorts of horrors he had to take a longer route.

As we neared our destination he picked up a piece of card and placed it in front of the meter which I had not noticed and on arrival he asked for the fare that we had agreed and I paid him.

Before the driver went I asked him why he had covered the meter. He replied "Due to the longer journey the actual cost was nearly twice what I told you but as we had agreed a price I didn't want to embarass you by showing what it should have been".

  wee eddie 17:11 30 Sep 2018

Pine Man: what an angel. And pigs have wings.

More likely, he did not wish you to know that even with the extra mileage, the agreed fare exceeded the Metered Fare

  martd7 17:32 30 Sep 2018

Wee Eddie

I phoned the Taxi company up a few times about it and they expressed their dismay about what was happening but i never really got to the bottom of it,as far as i could see they had a meter and licensed plates,the company knew each driver when i phoned to ask about this charging scheme so it went unresolved,i dont use them anymore but they are still in business

  wee eddie 17:39 30 Sep 2018

No Taxi Company is going to admit to using Unplated Cars, as their Customers would be uninsured

  bumpkin 17:53 30 Sep 2018

A minicab from Heathrow to my house is around £20 a London black taxi already on site wanted £70

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