Mini adventures with toy cars

  Dragon_Heart 16:16 17 Sep 2015

Four years ago Kim Leuenberger received a camera for her birthday and started taking pictures of toys for a project to raise awareness about autism.

The BLUE VW camper van is a reminder of Autism, as the colour associated with the condition, some of you may recall several high profile buildings around the world were flooded by blue lamps back in April.

  Gordon Freeman 16:22 17 Sep 2015

Well, that's all very interesting, but I'm beginning to wonder if you have a personal disorder yourself, maybe called compulsive posting disorder (CPD)?

There was someone on here, just like you, a few years ago who just kept posting random items...fortunately, for us all, the FE banned him & spared us all.

I don't think it's the intention of Speakers Corner to become the Dragon_Heart show, so get yourself out of the house for a week or so and give us all a break.

  Dragon_Heart 23:19 17 Sep 2015

Well Gordon your sarcasm is duly noted .... just as a random point my son has Autism !

Feel better now ?

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