Millionaire uses own time and money to help the fire and rescue service

  Strawballs 17:06 27 Nov 2012

This man gets a thumbs up from me

Click here

  Flak999 17:36 27 Nov 2012

It's a nice idea and fair play to the guy for volunteering his own time and equipment, but this was tried on a more permanent basis by London Fire Brigade some years ago.

For various reasons it was not practical to use a helicopter at fire incidents (main reason was the down draft created by a helicopter actually made some fires worse!) It may be of more use out in the countryside where attendance times can suffer during extreme weather incidents.

Also the type of helicopter in the picture is not suitable for carrying a lot of personnel and heavy fire fighting or rescue equipment.

  Strawballs 17:39 27 Nov 2012

The way I read it was that it is more intended to rescue in things like floods.

  Forum Editor 19:21 27 Nov 2012

I imagine there are all kinds of insurance implications, but presumably these have been resolved.

  Strawballs 23:29 27 Nov 2012

FE I can't see the Fire and Rescue service agreeing if that has not been resolved

  Strawballs 21:00 29 Nov 2012

I guess that there are those that think he is wasting his money helping plebs?

  Forum Editor 22:54 29 Nov 2012

"I guess that there are those that think he is wasting his money helping plebs?"

Perhaps there are,but that's a fishing trip, and what's the point of it?

  Strawballs 01:11 30 Nov 2012

That's the thing with fishing you never know if you are going to get a bite or not.

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