Million pound note

  daz60 02:54 30 Sep 2011

I remember watching a movie with Gregory Peck about a man who has in his possession a million pound note,i thought this was just a movie but then i find this,

sold for....well... the value of money is not what it used to be.

  wiz-king 06:31 30 Sep 2011

Wont get change at the corner shop with that note.

  Quickbeam 07:30 30 Sep 2011

I should think there is more chance of getting one of these out of an ATM than an even rarer new fiver!

  interzone55 09:26 30 Sep 2011

It's good to see one of these mythical notes.

My brother-in-law carried out some top secret computer work at the Bank Of England a few years ago and had a chance to see some of the really high value notes that were issued as part of the Marshall Plan, but because the two remaining £1m notes are in private hands he didn't get to see them.

  LanceAlot 09:28 30 Sep 2011

I believe Tony Blair gets one every time he makes a speech.

  interzone55 10:16 30 Sep 2011


Tony Blair ran the country for over 10 years and was paid less than many senior civil servants. A few dozen Premier League players pocket more per match than the Chief Executive of the UK is paid per year.

If someone is willing to pay Tony Blair a big bag of cash to make a speech you can hardly blame him for accepting it with a grin.

He's not the first Prime Minister to go on the speech and consultation circuit, and he won't be the last.

When she, err graciously stepped aside, Margaret Thatcher (a lifelong non-smoker) was paid £500k by Philip Morris Tobacco to help them challenge various pieces of anti-tobacco legislation in Europe...

  spuds 13:07 30 Sep 2011

Anyone remember the big white fivers?.

Those were the days when a group of you could have a few drinks, a very nice meal, take in a cinema show, take a taxi or tram home and still had change left over.

Those were the days?.

  daz60 13:31 30 Sep 2011

Is this the one you for old rope,bottom of page, never saw one till today after you mentioned it,ceased being legal shortly after i was "legalised",erm...baptised.

  spuds 15:43 30 Sep 2011


That's the one. Gentleman's hanky size.

When they were 'decommissioned', the duplicates began to appear at seaside resorts and joke shops as a novelty. For about a 'half a crown' you became a very rich person in a very short time. Didn't last long though. Especially when the novelty wore off!.

  daz60 16:10 30 Sep 2011


Have our "hankies" and pockets got smaller or was money really 'valued' in those days.The thru'penny and ha'penny were my favourite coins way back when, never realised what they meant till they disappeared.

  Grey Goo 23:16 30 Sep 2011

The BoE is unveiling the new £50 note soon. Handy size for purchasing a gallon of petrol. Last time I went into my Bank and asked for a 50, they said they didn't keep any in their safe and would have to order some.

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