Milligan sale 'upsets' children

  peter99co 13:58 22 Nov 2008

How sad it has to be this way.

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  tullie 14:08 22 Nov 2008

Isent it up to his widow?

  peter99co 14:19 22 Nov 2008

But he obviously made omissions in his will as far as is personal belongings.

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  Pineman100 15:26 22 Nov 2008

As a huge fan of The Goon Show (yes, that's how old I am), I still think Spike was the funniest comedian I've ever heard.

He had the ability to see humour in anything and everything, and to write and deliver comedy in a way that made even a weak joke hilariously funny.

RIP Spike Milligna
The well-known typing error.

  Bingalau 15:41 22 Nov 2008

Surely it is up to his widow to do as pleases with her own belongings?

  Bingalau 15:42 22 Nov 2008

Insert "she" in appropriate place.

  tullie 16:16 22 Nov 2008

Or maybe they can now see money in the items?

  Switcher 16:51 24 Nov 2008

I may be in a minority, however I have always thought that the goons show was utter childish drivel. I listen to BBC7 a lot and enjoy many programmes from the past but when the Goons come on the channel is changed. Regarding the main point of the thread, the items belong to the widow
it is up to her.

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