military contracts

  sunnystaines 20:35 18 Feb 2011

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cannot see why G.B. has taken this action, how can you sell weapons than tell the buyer not to use them.

also the rest of our allies in the gulf will see this action that were are not reliable in a time of need and buy weapons from elsewhere, thats exports and jobs out the window.

if tear gas was not used the state of bahrain would desend into choas like egypt.

i feel we are letting bahrain down here, does britian really want another extreme shia state like iran?

  peter99co 21:07 18 Feb 2011

The French had no problem supplying Exocets to Argentina.

I feel we are worried we are helping the bad guys and need to sit on the fence again.

  peter99co 21:16 18 Feb 2011

nuf said

"The longstanding British position is clear: We will not issue licences where we judge there is a clear risk that the proposed export might provoke or prolong regional or internal conflicts, or which might be used to facilitate internal repression."

  morddwyd 23:29 18 Feb 2011

Either we are are in the business of selling arms, or we are not.

If we are, get on with it, and exploit the increased sales opportunities in the Middle East.

If we're not, say so, stop the mealy mouthed pontificating, and let the French, Russians and Americans take yet more of our business.

  dororof 07:36 19 Feb 2011

"The British position is clear" baloney...more statements for public consumption,while Janus counts his gold.
From Bull's super gun to Iraq (he was murdered in suspicious circumstances) to sales to both sides in the Iraq/Iran war,the sales to Saudi Arabia,kickbacks and reselling,the Brits know that end-user certificates are not worth the ink they are written with.
"might be used" = are being used,just do not admit it,blame the "system" or the 'licensee'? not the policy.The Brits are past masters at repression,we just use proxies to amass the data,as Curtis has written about,on many occasions.

As morddwyd says...get on or get out.

  peter99co 11:42 19 Feb 2011

Why would a country buy tear gas in the first place?

It can only be of use during internal conflicts. Unless it is used by a third party to stop a riot between opposite factions.

So if the state is the third party then they can use it to stop riots between Shia and Sunni

If the state uses it on both sides it is repression.

What a strange world we live in!

  jakimo 12:02 19 Feb 2011

If we had not supplied them,then somebody else would have.A straight forward business transaction,we cant be the conscious of the world

  johndrew 15:27 19 Feb 2011

"Why would a country buy tear gas in the first place?"

It can also be used in training forces to wear gas masks correctly. UK forces all have the need to go through this training.

Anyway, most of these repressive regimes know that a live round prevents any further demonstrating by those affected unlike tear gas. Have look at what forces in Libya an Bahrain are up to.

If there is a choice between the two I should think tear gas is the lesser of the evils.

  jakimo 18:06 19 Feb 2011

The French,NOT a repressive regime have used both tear gas and rubber bullets to quell student street demonstrations for years,my link is just one recent example

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