Migrant workers and their cars.

  LABMAN 21:53 25 Jun 2007

A friend and myself were having a chat in the pub at the weekend about the large number of cars in our area with Polish number plates on them.

Does anyone know what the rules about these cars are regarding Insurance and road tax, seeing as how we have to pay through the nose for both.

We also have a young French Lady staying two doors down from us, leasing the property, shes been here for quite a few months now still driving her left hooker 106, with French Plates and no road tax I can see.

  anskyber 21:58 25 Jun 2007
  anskyber 22:00 25 Jun 2007

And for EU vehicles click here

  LABMAN 22:08 25 Jun 2007

many thanks, but 6 months seems a hell of a long time with out paying road tax if you aske me.

  Quickbeam 22:21 25 Jun 2007

Of course this is largely ignored. I'm in the process of pursuing uninsured losses against a Polish migrant that ran into the back of me. Drunk, no insurance, unroadworthy car, not sure if a polish licence is held etc, etc.

  spuds 22:23 25 Jun 2007

The other point worth discussing about the six month rule-- No parking tickets!.

  madgamer234 22:25 25 Jun 2007

beginning to see many 'ru' plates now.

funny how we were told that europe would be a borderless territory and we won't need our passports to travel within it.

but it's amazing how many situations within the uk that we need to show a passport or similar document.

it's the liar brick road we've all been forced onto in reality.

  Cymro. 12:34 26 Jun 2007

This one was bound to turn in to a racist anti immigrant rant and with anti E.U. propaganda thrown in.

  al7478 13:18 26 Jun 2007

You could see it a mile off eh?

  madgamer234 13:23 26 Jun 2007

funny that,in that many are just plainly and simply seeing the reality.

it's what's called detached observation through objective and intelligent eyes.
the ethics? well that's another thing!

  Cymro. 14:04 26 Jun 2007

Should that not be a kilometer off? I dare say it will be one day.

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