Mid-Term review

  [DELETED] 19:05 07 Jan 2013

Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy Nick Clegg spell out their mid-term review.

How do you think they have done so far, will they last the course of a full parliament and what does the future hold with their plans.


  Aitchbee 19:24 07 Jan 2013

I'm voting for an independant Scotland in 2014 ... my heart and mind will not waver.

2013,2014,2015 will see the Tory plans ie. the stifling of growth in small business(s), strangle any prospects of jobs creation.

There have been no signs of recovery since May 2010.

Mr Cameron is running out of ideas to make Britain better.

  Al94 20:01 07 Jan 2013

I believe the coalition will run full term barring any major unforeseen issues. After that, it largely depends on signs of economic recovery in the second half of the term to predict Cameron's future.

Either way Clegg is toast.

Labour will have a new leader before the next election, Miliband in my opinion is unelectable.

The future of UKIP could have a substantial influence on the next election but at this stage there are too many potential factors to make a reasonable argument.

  bremner 20:39 07 Jan 2013

My crystal ball tells me that

This government will continue to May 2015.

The GE will result in a working Tory majority because the Labour party have failed to distance themselves sufficiently from the Blair/Brown era. UKIP will temporarily be the third party until the Liberals regroup in the next 5 years.

It also says that even if Labour miraculously won we would not see any real difference.

  spuds 11:45 09 Jan 2013

I don't know why it is, but I always get the impression that Nick Clegg is about to burst out in tears whenever I see him near Cameron.

  Aitchbee 22:04 12 Jan 2013

Top Tory, Mr Heseltine has given Mr Cameron some advice, which may or may not be heeded on the way forward for Britain in a future EU.

Will Mr Cameron shoot the messenger? or shoot himself in the foot.

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