Microsoft Support - do they care?

  dms05 09:58 21 Nov 2006

I've used MS products as far back as MS-DOS. I've always bought legitimate MS products. Today I had to call them for the very first time. That's not bad in 20 years. I was however surprised how they tried to evade responsibilty and their first suggestion was I paid them £49 to solve the problem.

Now this was a very basic problem - when I re-installed XP on my 6 month old Acer Aspire Laptop I could not get any Updates for the XP. I used the sealed Cd's supplied by Acer for the re-install. But Updating doesn't work. I think that's fairly basic.

Acer said - call Microsoft it really is their problem (and I agree). Microsoft say - call Acer it's their problem. So it finishes up as MY problem.

Are Microsoft really that bad on Support?

I'm almost been forced to seek out a piece of illegal software that will make MS's OS work. Is that what they really want?

It might well be the last time I buy anything associated with MS.

Now where are those Linux distributions I have somewhere?

  wee eddie 10:11 21 Nov 2006

Contact Acer again but if it is a software issue, rather than hardware, I think that they may be able to bob out as well.

More to the point!

Tell us more about, how you got where you are, also, where you are now, and we will all try to add our 3 ha'pence worth.

  dms05 10:58 21 Nov 2006

I sent MS a General Enquiry email and received a General Enquiry reply (ie look at our web site).

I telephoned MS on 0870 6010100 and was immediately in contact with a guy who's first offer was 'pay £49'. He then offered their email support and gave me a link. I've filled out the Support request and have had confirmation that it's arrived.

What I find unacceptable is MS assumption and attitude that I'm an illegal user, when I have been a legal user for 20+ years. That really leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

In any case I have a defective installation of a legitimate MS product and the first thing they want is to charge me £49 (+VAT for all I know).

I have been a champion of MS over the years when others have been severe critics. I've now changed sides. Well done MS.

  wee eddie 11:09 21 Nov 2006

as it has been altered by the suppling Company.

I fell out with M$ in the mid 90's about this and a very patient Tech, it was probably a quiet afternoon, explained the reasoning behind this to me.

Basically Acer get Windows for a song, alter it to display their logo's and provide it with suitable drivers etc. However, they accept the responsibility of supporting the Software themselves. Had you bought the full version of Windows, you would have been offered a support package, most of which still has to be paid for.

  spuds 11:17 21 Nov 2006

The responsibility lies with Acer to solve any OEM problems, this is made clear on any licensing agreement's between Microsoft and any authorised manufacturer, who supplies Microsoft products. Acer like most computer manufacturing companies, have no real expertise on Microsoft technical issues, hence their 'nothing to do with us attitude' and the usual 'try Microsoft'.

Microsoft make a charge for their direct human to human technical advice, similar to most other organization providing a special help service. Being a user of a Microsoft product for 20 years doesn't provide special advantages.

Post the problem in the PCA Helproom or send a support request email to Microsoft. PCA could be the better solution, if the request is of an urgent nature.

  dms05 12:56 21 Nov 2006

Acer have a standard response: If it's hardware ask us, if it's software ask the software supplier (which happens to be Acer, but that becomes a circular argument that they ignore).

So I'm left with no support. Two mammoth Corporations who between them are not willing to support the end user of their joint product.

Might as well have use Open Source in the first place.

I would have thought it was in Microsoft's best interest to make sure their customers (even if one removed) have a product that works - especially an OS which is the basis of everything else.

But perhaps not. However I do have one final action - never buy another of their products. I wonder how many people take that attitude? At least I count as one.

  Kate B 13:58 21 Nov 2006

Your contract for something going wrong is with the retailer, in this case Acer. Point that out to them.

However, as a more constructive course of action, why don't you post what the specific problem is in the helproom and see if we can help you solve it?

  dms05 14:13 21 Nov 2006

Kate B - I did post in Helproom but only received 2 answers which were 'call Microsoft' click here

However I will start a new Thread!

  wee eddie 14:32 21 Nov 2006

In your other posting you gave the impression that you had a full version of Windows, rather than what appears to be an Acer restoration disk for Acer's OEM Windows.

It might be a good idea to return to square one

Make sure that you have a full back-up of all your files and then tell us what options the Acer supplied disk offers you.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:19 21 Nov 2006

in my opinion. Something I have been known to bang on quite a lot about -and not just on these forums-is that half of the grief with a factory built pc is the rubbish software the manufacturers-not being specific-think is a good idea for you to have, and not only mess about with the windows installation but pre-load all sorts of crap that is on the restore image as well so can conflict with what you really want to put on. Stick to full install versions-worth it in the long run.

But to paraphrase what I believe Kate is saying, you didnt buy it from microsoft, you bought it from acer so unless theres a weasel worded get out clause in the small print, its an acer problem not a MS one.


  GEEKSTA 21:17 21 Nov 2006

they said the same to me!
I had a problem with my office updates and they just said to ring up toshiba and gave me no advice or any type of help!

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