Microsoft steps up piracy fight

  TOPCAT® 12:54 26 Jul 2005


'Microsoft has stepped up its fight against software piracy by requiring users to verify their copies of the Windows operating system.
Anyone downloading updates for Windows XP will be required to check that their operating system is genuine...'

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Fail the verification and two options remain. TC.

  The Spires 08:48 27 Jul 2005

Security patches are still available though.

  CurlyWhirly 12:01 27 Jul 2005

I think it's a good idea as Microsoft themselves estimate that 1 in 3 copies of Windows is a pirate copy.

I am glad to say that Microsoft have seen sense and allowed security updates to be accessible as this helps protect *all* PC users whether they have a 'legal' copy or not.

  igk 14:50 27 Jul 2005

M$ have just initiated this now on their website,NO patches security or otherwise can be downloaded/Installed without "Validation" the only way this can be done without Validation is to use "Automatic Updates"...(For now!!!)

  €dstowe 16:07 27 Jul 2005

How many more "ations" are Microsoft going to introduce to hinder people using their software?

Their validation system was supposed to prevent all of this piracy and whatever. Obviously it didn't. Most likely this new thing won't either.

  igk 16:24 27 Jul 2005

Agreed,I'm seriously considering going back to Linux (and taking my clients with me!!!)

  Forum Editor 16:28 27 Jul 2005

Actually they're trying to stop people stealing it €dstowe. Microsoft estimates that almost a third of the total number of WindowsXP installations are pirated. Many of those people probably don't know they're using illegal software because unscrupulous computer sellers - usually small high street shops - whack pirated software onto new machines.

Microsoft is acting responsibly in allowing even pirate copies of WinXP to access security updates, and I think it's unfair to criticise them for moving to protect their copyright.

  Forum Editor 16:31 27 Jul 2005

(and taking my clients with me!!!)"

Pardon? If I tried to migrate my clients to another operating system, simply because Microsoft is acting to stop illegal use of its software I know what kind of a reaction I would get. People would think I had taken leave of my senses, and they would be right. I've never heard such a ridiculous rationale.

  igk 16:37 27 Jul 2005

I thought that would get the "Fat Controller"(sorry FE) wound up.......

  €dstowe 17:55 27 Jul 2005

Pirated Windows XP that required no activation was on the market stalls in Singapore within minutes of its launch. The protective activation system was thus a waste of time. This new verification will be the same - next to useless. People who have pirated systems aren't bothered about security updates or anything else that Microsoft provide. Anything useful to them, they can get from a similar source to that from which they obtained their original system.

I am all for anti-piracy but no system has been introduced which actually works and all that seems to happen is some new thing is introduced that causes irritation on the part of the user (by having to make a phone call or tap in some code for apparently no purpose). That is what I mean by hindering people - legitimate users.

  Hamish 18:31 27 Jul 2005

I fully agree with Microsofts policy but I do wish that a system could be devised in order to allow an indivual to have a licence to run more than one PC on its licence much like a TV licence then I would not have to buy a new disc for each of my PC. If Microsoft can now check my computer to ascertain that I have a legal copy surely they could check that I am not using the OS on more PC than permitted by my licence

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