Microsoft relent over XP

  rogerdavis 22:09 03 Jun 2008

It's to be available up to 2010

"Faced with either bumping the expiration date or letting Linux eat the entire emerging market, Microsoft has chosen to let Vista play the fall guy again."

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  Stuartli 22:41 03 Jun 2008

It's been pretty much anticipated for some time now - buyers were either demanding XP or going back to it.

  anskyber 22:48 03 Jun 2008

For small low power devices. To finish the "quote"

  rogerdavis 10:58 04 Jun 2008

To finish the "quote"

"Microsoft has been under considerable pressure from computer makers to keep XP licensing available for budget systems."

"but the popularity of smaller boxes which lack the resources to run Vista adequately has given Microsoft reason to rethink its decision."

"According to Redmond, it's working with more than 20 OEMs on the extended offering. They include Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Quanta, Acer and Asus."

PS I can't see any reference to "For small low power devices. " in the article that you quoted. It does say:-

"XP will only be offered as an alternative for the low-cost systems market, which has seen substantial popularity with computer makers recently."

  Pine Man 11:01 04 Jun 2008

'smaller boxes which lack the resources to run Vista'

Nit picking;-)

  rogerdavis 11:05 04 Jun 2008

Is it:-))

  Pine Man 11:42 04 Jun 2008

mea culpa.

  Forum Editor 18:12 04 Jun 2008

by the arrival on the scene of small-footprint laptops like the Asus EeePC. They are selling by the million, and don't have the horsepower to run Vista, so if Windows XP wasn't an option everyone would have to run Linux on them. It's a market sector that has a lot of growth potential over the next couple of years.

Only a fool would turn his/her corporate back on an extra revenue stream like that.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:05 04 Jun 2008

it's given Microsoft the option to climb down more or less gracefully.
Although I'm not a big fan of Vista, I do think people are holding out too much hope for Windows 7 being radically different, I'm expecting it to be a tweaked Vista.

  DrScott 20:09 04 Jun 2008

or certainly, the latest I've heard, is that it won't be backwards compatible with software designed for XP/Vista without the use of virtualisation.

Small low power devices need not apply.

  ulrich 21:57 04 Jun 2008

I signed up with British Gas on the assumption prices would go up but my prices have stayed the same.

I never liked the look of Vista and spokeout, got chastised by all and sundry because I couldn't afford to buy something that wouldn't improve my type of computing and seemed to be a backward step. Long live XP as Windows 7 unless of couse you get a freebie will be no better.

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