Microsoft to release pro Vista

  facepaint 08:55 30 Nov 2006

"NEW YORK - For the first time in five years, Microsoft Corp. is finally unveiling a new system for operating personal computers. Now the company must persuade PC buyers that the launch really matters to them."

Well the head of MS UK did'nt do a great job selling Vista on the BBC radio this morning.When Nicky Campbell asked him what makes it better then the previous OS ,all he hi-lighted was e-mails!!!

He informed listeners that e-mails had increased 10 fold in a relatively short space of time.Asked about the costs he avoided the answer by saying that it depended on what package you buy into!True.

Overall he sounded a bit flat on what should be a big day for MS and for it's future users.

  hijo 10:09 30 Nov 2006

sounds a bit of a letdown that thats all was said why its better than XP...?
but iam sure there is other issues like NET security & OS security ect,i belive that the MASSIVE investment they made into VISTA would show many other area's that would be better,& how about price...??...any news on this...??

  facepaint 10:30 30 Nov 2006

hijo,yes he did briefly say that it the most secure OS that they have to date produced .Once again that does'nt say too much but however does speak volumes!

  anskyber 10:45 30 Nov 2006

Let's judge it in 12 months time. Naturally there will be the early adopters and frankly the usual run of Microsoft bashers who want to knock it even if it proves to be a great leap forward in OS design.

For those who maybe even secretly want it to fail my prediction is they will be very disappointed. I'll bookmark this thread for 12 months time and we can talk about it again at that time.

The fact of the matter is no one is required to buy it for a current machine who does not want to. I am always surprised to see detractors who only want to have a good moan about something they do not want anyway.

For the majority of people who use a PC like they use their car, as a means to an end, I imagine they could not give the slightest whether they have XP, Linux, Vista or anything else. By definition they will when buying a new PC be in the vanguard of early adopters, it will be the industry standard OS for new machines.

  facepaint 10:59 30 Nov 2006

anskyber ,the issue raised here is why are MS being so low key on a very momentus day for them.

No idea why you want to bookmark this and why you are running to defend MS when so far no one here has criticised the 'new' Vista OS.

  anskyber 11:07 30 Nov 2006

Ah! I see, I must have misunderstood your earlier contributions click here for which I apologise.

  facepaint 11:29 30 Nov 2006

Thankyou anskyber,the FE did a splendid job in educating me on that previous post.This shows that a current posting should be read and not imagined.

I also think that you are doing a splendid job trying police this forum and praise your continual work with cross referencing previous listings.

If I cross swords with a member on a particular occassion I will not let it fester into future meetings.Wise words.

  anskyber 11:52 30 Nov 2006

Well to prevent this thread degenerating I shall make this my last contribution. I do not seek to police anything. This is Speakers Corner and by its nature its about exchanging views, very often they will be views of an opposing nature and I simply have my two pennies worth as others do.

I do not understand your final paragraph, nothing festers with me if that is your implication, frankly I cannot be bothered with that sort of nonsense so you can rest assured, I have other things to concern me.

On your thread, I have now listened to the broadcast. For those who wish to click here and click listen at the bottom of the Vista logo box.

Others can decide for themselves but I heard more than just e mails mentioned as you have suggested, (security eg) and he also confirmed the pricing structure to be like XP. I have no wish or desire to defend MS, rather I wish to keep an open mind to judge on the facts as they unfold.

  facepaint 12:01 30 Nov 2006

This is getting so childish.
I'm not in a court of law as a main witness.
My post is regarding the surprising low key tone displayed by MS on a very important day.

So if you have nothing to add then please stop hi-jacking my post.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:01 30 Nov 2006

As it will be bundled with most new computers, selling the OS is not exactly the worlds' hardest job. Vista has been on the cards for ages and to be truthful 'everyone' knew it was coming so no big news there. I heard the interview and as most people I know only use their computers for email and the odd bit of surfing (and I suspect this is true for the vast majority of the population) the fact that emails and security were pointed aout as the new steps are obvious selling points. Remember Vista is aimed at home users and they will buy it in bucketloads (most will have no choice or interest as it will be bundled on most coomputers) and I suspect that most users will do very little more than email, collecting music, surfing t'internet and in this respect the head of MSUK was spot on.

We cannot judge all computer users to have the same interest in bits and bytes as us.


  Kate B 17:52 30 Nov 2006

The reason today's launch hasn't been a huge song and dance is because it's only been launched for business customers today - the consumer launch will come in January and Microsoft is planning a big PR push for that. It's well aware that it's late in delivering the OS for consumers and it doesn't want to set off a clamour for the OS when it can't deliver it. It also doesn't want a lot of acid commentary on how it's missed the vital Christmas market, hence the muted launch today.

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