The Microsoft Protection Racket

  powerless 21:26 11 Oct 2005

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Vista – Preloaded with Viruses and Spyware Edition… $39.95

Someone with a grudge or a point?

  zanwalk 22:20 11 Oct 2005

Interesting post Powerless.

  Forum Editor 22:54 11 Oct 2005

- when talking about Microsoft - that "There is no incentive to fix the code base if it can make additional money selling "protection.""

Is beyond me.

Such comments lead me to believe that the writer hasn't even a basic understanding of the commercial world, or of how software companies work. Any commercial director who seriously proposed a marketing policy based on that premise would soon (and deservedly) be out of a job.

Some people talk about 'fixing the code base' as if it's an afternoon's work - something that Microsoft is neglecting to do because they're all lazy, and can't be bothered. People like that might do well to spend some time contemplating what 40 million source lines of code look like (for that's about the size of Windows XP), before drawing such daft conclusions. When you have even a slight understanding of the way that such an operating system has to interact with tens of thousands of software applications and hardware devices the wonder is that it manages to work at all, let alone withstand the constant onslaught from hundreds of thousands of amateur hackers - all of them bent on bringing it down.

People who write ill-informed attacks on Microsoft in order to score a cheap point should remember that if it wasn't for the activities of sad people who derive pleasure from destroying what others worked hard to create, it wouldn't be necessary to 'fix' anything, or protect us from anyone.

  spuds 22:56 11 Oct 2005

Something else to take into consideration.

  DieSse 23:02 11 Oct 2005

*Someone with a grudge or a point?*

Neither - just an idiot who seems to think all it takes to write a *flawless* operating system is to write a couple of paragraphs that basically say *why not write a flawless operating system*

If John Dvorak thinks it's that simple, I suggest he puts his money where his mouth is.

  ahales42 23:20 11 Oct 2005

"Exactly how anything manages to worm in through the open port and place items in the Registry is beyond me, but it happens all the time."

I think that sentence itself shows his computer knowledge.

  DieSse 00:04 12 Oct 2005

"Exactly how anything manages to worm in through the open port and place items in the Registry is beyond me"

Personally I think it shows how little credibility he may have as an OS designer!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:25 12 Oct 2005

The man is an utter fool with a paranoia complex and an unrealistic belief in his own talent. I have never read such twaddle from a supposedly human species. I suppose the same applies to Linux then as this can be 'hacked'.../sigh


  bremner 09:47 12 Oct 2005

Dvorak has been around a long time - click here and from his CV appears to have extensive computer knowledge.

Looking at some other articles he has penned shows him to be a 'grenade thrower' who expresses controversial viewpionts and then stands back and feeds on the reaction.

Nothing for anyone to get excited about - just see it for what it is.

  jack 12:07 12 Oct 2005

Nothing to get hotted up about this guy seems to be the Jeremy Clarkson of the IT world.
You read for the laughs - or not at all

  bremner 13:30 12 Oct 2005

Good analogy

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