Microsoft one care

  J B 15:58 16 May 2005

Form Editor, reference thread on 13/05/05 about the above subject will this cause havoc to the anti virus software installed in computers? I ask because this sounds interesting to say the least and it has a monthly maintenance check on the computer. I see that MS are only taking apps. for the states at present so maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I would like to give this program. May I add that I'm fairly new to computers so I would appreciate any advice, thanks. J.B.

  Maverick81 15:23 25 May 2005

Hehe I doubt they have many of the AV vendors worried just yet...its only a beta program

Although if they get it right they could do well and intergrate it into Longhorn....

Although I am not sure I trust microsoft to much


  Maverick81 15:25 25 May 2005

Have a read of the press release

click here

  Forum Editor 19:28 25 May 2005

I foresee lots of discussion about this in the near future.

At the moment I'm trying to sweet-talk the Microsoft Press Office into letting me get my hands on a beta copy.

  J B 23:56 25 May 2005

Thanks for the advice guys. I too await with bated breath as to what Microsoft and their boffins come up with.One can only hope that they come to the right decision. J.B.

  rdave13 00:20 26 May 2005

AOL are trying to do it now.

  Joe R 09:02 26 May 2005

J B,

As the F.E. states, I think this will run for a while this subject.

If Microsoft start charging for a product, which is only there, because of the flaws inherent in the Operating system and browser, I can see a lot of flak flying.

  rodolfo 13:42 26 May 2005

But, following EU fine for anti-competitive practice by bundling media player with Windows, would MS have to charge for AV anyway to avoid further court cases ?

  Aspman 15:14 26 May 2005

I've read else where that OneCare might just be the start of a shift in MS strategy to have a great deal more software on a subscription basis.

The extreme example I've seen is never actually buying Windows or Office but renting it by the hour or for individual documents.

I can't imagine rental Windows but renting an office app for a day rather than buying a full version I could see as a possibiity. It might push people to other office packages and it would certainly be a non-starter until the pirated copies of office are mopped up.

  Forum Editor 18:59 26 May 2005

about getting my hands on a beta copy of OneCare is just in from my Microsoft Press office contact. It reads as follows:-

"Hi Peter

What we have announced is an internal beta, which has been distributed to Microsoft employees, and represents the first step in Microsoft’s plan to offer a comprehensive solution to help consumers protect and maintain the overall ‘health” of their PCs. This is part of an extensive testing and development process to ensure customers receive the most effective version of the product when a broader public beta is available later this year.

Microsoft plans to release public beta versions of Windows OneCare to external audiences in the United States later this year. We know that PC Health is an issue for customers worldwide and we will continue to invest in this space. While our goal is to release Windows OneCare in countries other than the US, we are early in the US beta process and have no timing details to announce at this time."

I'll take that as a 'no' then.

  Kassiopea 11:53 15 Jan 2006

I see there was a bit of a debate re this last year but I can't see if it was really answered - Is it worth doing (and cancelling my McFee contract) or not ? Have any/all the issues everybody had with it been resolved and has anybody (who)used it been happy or not?

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