Microsoft offers Spyware and Antivirus Tools!!.

  Kase 12:34 08 Jan 2005

Well it seems its about to happen, have the forum members any comments on this revelation?,
or will they stay with current available products.

Additional info: Antispyware (Beta) is now available from the Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft will also release a tool that eliminates common Viruses. It is designed to augument rather than replace traditional Antivirus Systems.

  VoG II 12:42 08 Jan 2005

I've been testing Microsoft AntiSpyware click here for a couple of days now. I'm fairly impressed.

Don't let it try to remove NewDotNet click here as it will knacker your internet connection. In this case WinsockFix click here can mend it.

  Kase 13:01 08 Jan 2005

I wonder if Microsoft are aware of this information as a Beta product is VoG obliged to tell Microsoft or as its just a Beta product is it user beware!!, unless you have the knowledge to get out of a problem on your own. As a Beta product how does Microsoft monitor the problems?, to enable them provide a patch or improve the product. Has Microsoft got a feed back link for this product on its Web site?.

Will the Software ramain free or are Microsoft going to charge for it when it has passed the Beta stage.

  octal 14:16 08 Jan 2005

So after all these years Microsoft have finally admitted their product is full of holes?

No, maybe that's me being cyclical and unfair, but it did cause me to smile a bit because they could have easily done this years ago and saved everyone a lot of grief.

  Dan the Confused 14:35 08 Jan 2005

As AntiSpyware is only for 2K/XP I will be sticking with my existing Ad-aware and Spybot for my Win98 machine. These have proved more than adequate for my needs. When I get my laptop which has XP I shall certainly be using it though as it does seem rather impressive.

I certainly hope they don't intend charging for it, they hardly need the money do they? Also, it is only fair they provide software to protect their operating systems as standard, especially as IE is included as standard. In fact, I think the final release should be a Windows Update.

  david.h 14:47 08 Jan 2005

i ran my spyware programs one after the other them tested ms antispyware.

A2 found none,then adaware se found one, followed by spybot found a different one.
then it was ms antispyware it showed two one was my scanner driver which it called imesh spyware the other was yet again different to the other two programs.

3 out of 4 produced different results, A2 not had this long but yet to find any spyware with it.
maybe as spyware blaster and spyware guard stop most at source

  mbp 14:58 08 Jan 2005

My feelings are there will be many compromises to be made in the near future. All the other AV and FW people are going to cry foul, monopoly. MS is killing their lucrative business. So as I see it, MS will release their basic program with their OS but you will have to purchase the Pro version. I cannot see any other way!

  Forum Editor 15:24 08 Jan 2005

from the Microsoft site - I've been running the beta for a long time now, and it seems fine.

Beta software doesn't receive any support, so if you are at all concerned about your ability to run/configure the software don't start using it. Having said that - the product is pretty well ready for general release, and it will run without any problems, at least as far as I'm concerned it will.

  Grouse ® 16:54 08 Jan 2005

This software has been used by many Internet users under the name of GIANT..........this beta software is more or less the same product with some configuration options removed!

  Zorrofox 20:54 08 Jan 2005

It's very good and they most certainly will charge for it! It managed to find 2 things on my system that none of the regular apps found. Also, it's pretty neat that it finds the likes of E-mule and Kazaa. When you click on these entries it gives a pretty fair description of what these programs can do to your system. Pretty handy for novices. Having said this, since I use Firefox there's very little to find anyway.

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