Microsoft call centre staff are....

  Diodorus Siculus 19:38 24 Nov 2006

... the most polite I have ever spoken to.

I called three times in the last week to activate XP for a friend (after a series of disasters) and each time the representative was amazingly polite and helpful.

  Colin 19:43 24 Nov 2006

I had to ring Microsoft once when an XP installation could not be activated online. The lady I spoke to was one of the most polite and enthusiastic people I have ever spoken to. No doubt it's forced, but it's an attitude I'm sure customers prefer to hear.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:51 24 Nov 2006

That was my experience Colin; I too wish every call centre had a similar attitude.

Mind you, I think that some call centres have a lot worse to deal with - my last experience was trying to help someone get an electricity meter key sorted and it wasn't much fun!

Anyway, whatever people say about MS, they have good customer relations.

  knockin on 13:48 25 Nov 2006

Why say
'No doubt it's forced'?
There are lots of courteous and pleasant people around who enjoy doing their jobs well. There is no reason why they shouldn't work for Microsoft. They probably find that, in the main, those of us who call them respond better ourselves, so good psychology as well as manners

  Colin 15:26 25 Nov 2006

Forced is probably too strong a word. I meant to say a bit artificial or words along those lines. In any case, I was very happy with the call!

  Forum Editor 15:30 25 Nov 2006

when they speak to a Microsoft helpdesk. The company has spent a great deal of time and money on staff training, and it shows.

  CurlyWhirly 14:26 26 Nov 2006

I've only had to ring Microsoft on one occasion which was when I had to reactivate my copy of XP as (apparently) I had made too many hardware changes.

I found the agent very friendly and only to eager to help.

I think that some call centres could take a leaf out of Microsoft's book on customer service.

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