"Microsoft aren't that bad are they?"

  Forum Editor 18:08 17 Sep 2004

No they're not, but aren't you contradicting yourself by saying that? In your original post you said that you have disabled the Microsoft firewall and pop-up blocker and you rely on McAfee.

I do think there's a little too much emphasis placed on locking down the average computer as if it was about to be attacked by hordes of wailing banshees from out there in the big, bad internet. Provided you don't visit dodgy sites - i.e. porn or warez - and you don't say 'Yes' to any downloads unless you know exactly what they are you're likely to be safe enough. A free anti-virus application like AVG will protect you from nasties that come in the mail, or via shared files on removeable media. Let commonsense prevail and all should be well.

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