Microsoft approaches EU deadline

  powerless 20:57 31 May 2005

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With 'em or against 'em?

  Forum Editor 21:54 31 May 2005

that it has been working hard to reach agreement with the European Union."

Perhaps it has, I can't see why the company would say that if it was untrue. Sometimes I wonder if the European Union Commissioners aren't a tiny bit too fond of making "EU rules" when it suits them. Who are they to decide that I won't be able to buy Microsoft software unless they (the company) toe the EU protectionist line? This whole nonsense about Windows Media Player is just that - a nonsense. If another software company comes up with a better media player, and it's free, then people will use it. They won't say

"Oh dear, I can't use Leapy-dancey media thing because Windows XP has a media player built in - I'll have to use what Microsoft wants me to use. Maybe I'll buy that special version of Windows - the one without any Media Player, then I would be free, free at last! All thanks to the wonderful EU Commissioners. God Bless them for looking after me so well, because I'm too stupid to put one foot in front of the other without some help from the state".

I've never heard such rubbish in all my life - no wonder the French voted Non! if this is what we can look forward to.

  Pooke 23:40 31 May 2005

You are right as've put it across perfectly!


  Totally-braindead 23:52 31 May 2005

Can't agree more FE, if Microsofts own Media Player stopped people from using another type of player then fair enough. But as we all know that is not the case, the player may be part of Windows but if you don't want to use it theres no reason not to install and use whatever you want.

I for one will not be singing the praises of the EU because of this "wonderful" piece of legislation, its as ridiculous as some of the other things they've regulated against, I'm sure everyone on the Forum can recall at least one thing they've tried to ban or change the name of just for the sake of it.

  Teaboy 17:09 01 Jun 2005

Speed cameras are not the only source of income for gready politicians. 5million a day, Yummy-yummy.

  DieSse 17:32 01 Jun 2005

Personally, I hope MS call their bluff, and some of the arrant nonsense hat issues forth from Comissioners who know little about technology, markets or marketing, or what people really want, get their come-uppance.

  DieSse 17:33 01 Jun 2005

Please forgive the bad grammar - I'm sure the meaning is clear anyway!

  amonra 17:41 01 Jun 2005

This is just another case of the French being paranoid about America and anything non-french. As far as the average french peasant is concerned, nobody does ANYTHING better than La France. Just look at their attempt to stuff the Gallileo sat. nav. project down our collective throats. They are prepared to spend mega-bucks, (sorry mega-euros) just to save face. I speak from experience as I almost started WW3 by even suggesting that Australia makes some nice red wine ! They wont be happy until Napoleon's great, great, great grandson is president of the EU.

  Total Care Support 18:06 01 Jun 2005

Australia makes some nice White also!

but this does appear again to be an example where non techies have made a ruling decision etc on something that they do not fully understand.

you see this in business every day.

A company adverties for a techy and who interviews them a member of HR who knows how to log in at work so hires a guy who knows's next to nothing but knows a few buzz words. When I worked in london some of the companies I dealt with that had the best IT were companies that realised this weakness and hired IT consultants to do their recruitment. but the mind set of many is I work with my computer at work every day therefore I know about computers...

The same seems to possibly be true of the EC guys who made this decision.

  Pooke 19:00 01 Jun 2005

Remember the argument/ban on British chocolate?

These guys are IDIOTS, and all they've seen in Microsoft is a fat cow ready for milking!

They haven't got a clue what they are talking about...........


  Forum Editor 00:06 02 Jun 2005

Let's keep this on an even keel - it's not the French who are being paranoid, or anyone else for that matter. European Commissioners come from all EU member states, and at least two Brits are actively involved in this particular matter.

Total Care SupportOne of my clients is an EU lobbyist - he spends his time trying to persuade Brussels politicians to espouse one cause or another. He's paid to do this by commercial clients. People like him have been at work behind the scenes for a long time on the Microsoft case. Basically, European software developers wanted the Commissioners to back their claim that Microsoft was using its muscle to force them (the smaller developers) off the market. The argument was that by keeping a closed fist over the Windows code Microsoft was actively trying to stifle the competition - more independent development could be done for the Windows platform if these smaller companies could take a good look under the bonnet - or so the argument went. In addition, by integrating WMP so tightly into Windows Microsoft is again stifling competition.........or so the argument goes. It's a classic case of EU protectionism at work - they're doing it again over Chinese clothing imports.

Microsoft's attitude - and I have to say it seems to make sense - is that they have every right to safeguard their intellectual property (Windows), and that if people think they have found a better Media player than WMP they can perfectly well install and use it - they don't need a massive EU machine to nanny them over such things.

My own view is that there isn't currently a Media player that beats WMP on all fronts, or even on major fronts, and for the time being at any rate the majority of ordinary users are quite happy with WMP.

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