Microsoft anti-trust action.

  The Bard 09:42 12 Jun 2009

I note that Widows 7 will ship without IE to try to avoid EU action. This is ridiculous. Not long ago, when you bought a new car, you then selected a proprietary radio, cd player etc from a third party to be fitted. Would you buy a new car without a radio now?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:51 12 Jun 2009

This whole thing verges on farce. Unless I am greatly mistaken, you can choose to use IE or WMP...if you do not want to, choose Winamp/safari etc. I really would have hoped that the EU have much more pressing things to occupy their time, like an inquiry into MEPs expenses which are anti our trust.


  The Bard 10:02 12 Jun 2009

Couldn't agree more!

  dagnammit 10:32 12 Jun 2009

Quite stupid.

First thing I'd do when I got W7 would be to download IE and WMP. Can I sue them for wasting my time as well as my taxes?

  laurie53 22:11 12 Jun 2009

As I posted elsewhere, excellent.

Another good reason for buying Win 7 if I can afford it.

There are still one or two commercial sites that will only operate correctly in IE.

This might force them into a more reasonable line, and I will never have to use IE.

Netscape's demise (a damn good browser), while down to AOL, was not exactly hindered by MS.

If the EU's action stops yet another good facility being smothered then it's doing some good for once.

  Si_L 23:34 12 Jun 2009

I think the biggest issue is the one of how do you get online when you have a new PC? They have to include at least one browser or you can't access the internet to download one.

  laurie53 10:10 13 Jun 2009

Don't know how others do it, but I simply keep a Firefox/Chrome installation file on a separate medium and install as and when required.

  wiz-king 10:31 13 Jun 2009

I have heard that Win 7 will have IE 'fitted' but turned off. When you buy a new PC you will be able to specify which browser you want.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:52 13 Jun 2009

How do Microsoft, Google or whoever else make money from web browsers? Why does this really matter?

  Input Overload 19:08 13 Jun 2009

I have no problem having IE bundled with Windows even though 90%+ of the time I use Firefox. I agree with Sir GANDALF <|:-)> it's a farce & there are bigger fish that needs sorting.

  Strawballs 19:24 13 Jun 2009

I really can't see what the problem is, if you don't want to use it don't why are the big manufacturers being sued for bundleing all the rubbish with a new system

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