morddwyd 11:37 02 Nov 2012

A couple of microbreweries in Scotland are to merge,to"grow sales" i.e. profits. They are a hundred miles or so apart.

Does this not start to negate the very reason microbreweries started up in the first place?

  interzone55 13:26 02 Nov 2012

It's normal business, they start out all idealistic with a wodge of cash from either a bank loan or venture capitalist.

Once the initial funding runs out and the bills pile up they've got to find ways to cut costs, and that may be to join forces with another company to consolidate purchasing of things they both use, such as grain, hops, bottles etc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 02 Nov 2012

From little acorns...

In this case probably

From little bug do big bucks grow?

  al's left peg 14:13 02 Nov 2012

There are a few up in the North East that do great beers. Matfen High House being my favourite great beer, followed by Allendale Brewery. The Hadrian Border Brewery was indeed one of 2 micro breweries that have merged like the ones you mention in this thread morddwyd.

The thing is the North East is famous for brewing. Newcastle Brown Ale is now brewed in Yorkshire !!!! After moving production from it's home site to Gateshead and taking over the Federation Brewery, the Heineken group closed that brewery as well ending large scale production on Tyneside. Although it was probably a bad thing at the time, and loads of people lost their jobs, it has allowed the micro breweries to flourish. Indeed the ones mentioned above make better beer than anything that the Heineken group churn out as an excuse for beer, IE Fosters, John Smiths and the brewed in Yorkshire, Newcastle Brown Ale.

  Forum Editor 14:53 02 Nov 2012

This approach to business is normal and sensible, and of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to increase profits.

Combining operations can lead to savings, as already mentioned, and gives both businesses access to each others customer list. It all makes good sense, and the consumer loses nothing.

  Strawballs 15:17 02 Nov 2012

There used to be a small brewery local tome called Gales they made my favourite bitter called HSB (Horndeen special bitter) they were bought out by fullers and the brewery in Horndeen closed and the production moved to near Brighton. Fullers said that the recipe for HSB has not changed but it is not as nice because of the water being used, George Gale first built his brewery where he did because of a natural spring.

  Aitchbee 15:27 02 Nov 2012

It's just a 5 minutes' ' stagger ' to Hampden Park, from this, Glasgow (southside), Microbrewery / Pub ...


...Hazy Daze are here again!

  oresome 16:52 02 Nov 2012

As they slowly morph in to yet another Diageo, so another enterprising microbrewery will start up and inject the passion that has been clinically stripped out of the product by the big boys striving for uniformity.

Or so they tell me when I read the marketing spiel.

  interzone55 17:13 02 Nov 2012

A quick point of note:

Many people treat Wetherspoons with disdain, assuming they're the Tesco of the pub world.

In fact Wetherspoon keep many a small brewery afloat by buying their entire output. Pretty much every wetherspoon pub as at least a couple of local brews on tap, which is more than can be said for most of the other pub chains, who assume that by serving Guinness they've fulfilled their obligation to stock a guest ale...

  Aitchbee 19:21 02 Nov 2012

... the quickest way to get barred from a microbrewery / pub ... is to order several yards-of-ale.

  morddwyd 20:00 02 Nov 2012

"the consumer loses nothing."

Except, of course, "John Smiths and the brewed in Yorkshire, Newcastle Brown Ale." and the like.

I was brought up on the beers made over the aquifer which ran from Alloa through Burton on Trent down to Badgers and the West country. Others favoured the Newcastle stream.

Doesn't matter, they were all different in their own way, but lost this individuality as they gradually got absorbed by the conglomerates.

Microbreweries have gone back towards this grand variety.

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