Michel Barnier says the the UK and EU have agreed

  Forum Editor 17:04 19 Mar 2018

on a "large part" of the agreement that will lead to the "orderly withdrawal" of the UK.

That's good news isn't it?

  rickf 17:06 19 Mar 2018

Wait till the Irish border question in detail....

  john bunyan 17:39 19 Mar 2018

It seems that nothing changes in the transition period- immigration, fisheries all as now and we pay as now. Although I was a Remainer , democracy rules , so the future is as obscure as ever - just a delay.

Irish and Gibraltar borders not solved and pose a serious problem, as does the banks passporting issue.

  Forum Editor 18:10 19 Mar 2018

"It seems that nothing changes in the transition period"

Except that we can (and will) negotiate our own trade deals.

As for the Irish border question, the negotiators on both sides have agreed
that a legally operative version of the backstop solution for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland (in line with paragraph 49 of the Joint Report), should be part of the text of the withdrawal agreement until another solution is found.

As far as Gibraltar is concerned,it will be considered to be a UK territory to the extent that EU law was applicable to it before the date of the agreement. In other words what applies to us, applies to Gibraltar...for now.

To paraphrase a famous statement, this may not be the beginning of the end, but it's certainly the end of the beginning. There's obviously still a long way to go, but both negotiating teams will be pleased that we have reached agreement on many things. Psychologically that will help when the going gets tough - as it will.

  john bunyan 18:36 19 Mar 2018

The Scots are irate that we have not regained control of our fisheries out to 200 miles , and even have no say on the quotas. I don’t blame them for being distrustful for the final deal when you look what happened with Greenland who had to give way on fishing to get free access after their withdrawal.We can negotiate but not implement other trade deals. It may be a beginning, but so far we have given more than have the EU

  morddwyd 19:57 19 Mar 2018

Sorry, it ls a shameful sell out.

  rickf 21:11 19 Mar 2018

It was never going to go anywhere.

  wee eddie 22:40 19 Mar 2018

Doesn't matter what was agreed, us Scots were bound to be irritated

  beeuuem~2 02:42 20 Mar 2018

I'd like to be as optimistic as FE although as the government have given way on five of the seven pledges Mrs May gave in her speeches in Florence I'm far from convinced we will get anything approaching an acceptable deal from the EU.

I wasn't quite sure why Ms. Davidson is annoyed. She is a Remainer through and through, so I'd have thought she would have approved of fishing remaining under the control of the EU.

Then I remembered that she is a politician and wants to be seen as all things to all men - or voters.

  Quickbeam 05:03 20 Mar 2018

I wouldn't laud what Barnier describes as a breakthrough towards an ordered withdrawal as being a great Brexit deal breakthrough FE.

morddwyd's succinct reply perfectly sums it up!

  Quickbeam 05:09 20 Mar 2018

I can see the Irish border backstop solution being adopted as a temporary solution that could well still be in place in 20 years time myself. Tmay's 'no British PM could accept this... etc' statement could prove to be another one of her many meaningless statements of which she will be remembered for.

She is however correct about having to compromise with a little give, give & give more give on Britain's part!

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