MI Junction 9 Birmingham

  oresome 20:16 01 Oct 2008

Fancy shopping at an electrical megastore with a choice of 14000 products that are not only on show, but are working and you can have hands on experience with?

No............then avoid the M1 J9 approaching Christmas time!

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DSGI's response to the credit crunch and consumer slow down is a bold or stupid move and time will tell which.

  birdface 20:19 01 Oct 2008

Junction 9 of the M6 He must have meant.Busy enough junction without putting that beside it.

  laurie53 20:21 01 Oct 2008

Bit late with this story.

Should have come out on April 1st!

  Forum Editor 22:40 01 Oct 2008

in the consumer electronics retailing market, and that's the consumer. Whatever DSG does, and whatever BestBuy does to compete, we'll be the ones to benefit.

When you open big stores you have one enormous obstacle to overcome. It's not the logistical challenge of stocking and displaying a huge range of products, daunting as that can be. It's not how you manage your marketing strategy - people will come to look at you anyway.

The big problem, and the one which must constantly feature in the worst nightmares of those whose job it is to get the show on the road and keep it there is.... staff. Getting the right people, and training them in the art of cultivating and maintaining the goodwill that will bring your customers back time and again, is a truly monumental task, and one which is absolutely crucial to the future success of the business.

There's a long, cold winter in store for electronics retailers, and only the fittest will survive.

  Kev.Ifty 22:54 01 Oct 2008

Junction 21 off the M1 (East Midlands) Fosse park would be a better candidate in my opinion.
Everyone in the West Midlands knows the problems at J9 especially during bank holidays.


  Condom 00:26 02 Oct 2008

Come on Forum Editor lock this as you banned any talk of Xmas

  wiz-king 05:34 02 Oct 2008

"The "dwell time" - the amount of time customers hang around in the shop - is two to three times longer than before the rejig."
Another reason not to go there then!

  Coffee Adict 07:18 02 Oct 2008

Probably wandering around looking for the exit.
That happened to me a few years ago when a new C&A store opened, used the escalator to the first floor, but the only way down was by stairs, found it eventually tucked away in a corner with a small sign, they never did get that down escalator put in before they closed.

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