Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson quits

  john 52 20:28 17 Jul 2011
  Autoschediastic 20:39 17 Jul 2011

Intresting to see just HOW deep this goes? maybe see some MP's involved eh? There is a story stating that Rupert Murdoch's empire should be diluted down in the uk...


  morddwyd 21:03 17 Jul 2011

With Brooks arrested for corrupt payments to police officers, when will we hear of the corrupt police officers being arrested?

  wee eddie 21:44 17 Jul 2011

You don't arrest Police Officers, just before you arrive they sign off on permanent Sick Leave, Fully Paid, of course!

  Forum Editor 22:27 17 Jul 2011


Please remember that Rebekah Brooks has been arrested for questioning - as far as I'm aware she hasn't as yet been charged with anything. Until and unless that happens we'll have no further posts along the lines of "Brooks arrested for corrupt payments to police officers".

  ams4127 22:45 17 Jul 2011

It's strange, isn't it, how one can get an impression of someone without having even met them.

I've never met Mrs Brooks, I'm sure she's a very nice person who is kind to children and dumb animals, yet there is just something intangible about her which gets my back up.

Strange old world.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:31 17 Jul 2011

I'm curious. How normal is it to arrest someone, yet not charge them. And if someone surrenders thenselves of their own free will for questioning then is an arrest appropriate? Or is an arrest merely a device (in this case) to prevent someone from picking up their marbles and going home when the fancy took them?


  Aitchbee 23:42 17 Jul 2011

I have not heard the old chesnut "I have done nothing wrong" from any of those people under investigation. Maybe they can't say that with a straight face.People who fall on their swords (resign) usually have been 'pushed' by circumstances beyond their control.It now seems (to me) that spin doctors are a thing of the past and Grand Master Chess Players might be employed by governments and big tycoons to get them out of sticky situations.

  morddwyd 07:14 18 Jul 2011


My apologies.

I did have a press link which said she had been arrested "for" corruption.

Unfortunately it has now been updated.

  sunnystaines 08:38 18 Jul 2011

I cant believe that the Commissioner took a bung of a 5 week holiday from news of the world, had one of his pc's done this he would be sacked and prosecuted hope the Commissioner is investigated and if the evidence there send him to court.

why was he allowed to resign without being investigated first.

  bremner 09:10 18 Jul 2011


Stephenson received a gift of five weeks stay in Champonys Spa from the owner, with whom he was a personal friend.

Champonys employed the ex NOTW deputy editor Wallis in a PR role.

Stephenson declared the gift as required.

Was it wise - no

Was it corrupt - no

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