A message for Simon Jary (PCA)

  spuds 10:43 15 Aug 2011

Would it be possible if you could provide an update as to this websites progress?.

There have been reports about slowness over the weekends (a thread in Speakers Corner), which I believe you are monitoring, but are you monitoring other problems that still seem to be occuring.

From my own experiences, I have on occasions very slow to download to this website or rejected 'please wait' threads. Moving from IE8 to Google Chrome seemed to resolve some of the browser problems, but it hasn't been a complete solution. I now seem to have error messages about sending posting requests, and should now cut and paste to perhaps resolve this issue in posting to the site. I am not sure if there is a time delay factor involved, but this seems to occur when it becomes a long response or delays in completing the post. With the end result the posting can be lost.

So if its possible, can you provide an update as to behind the scenes activity as to the problems or tweaking that still seem to be required.

  simonjary 11:10 15 Aug 2011

Hi, Spuds.

I'll be talking to our development team about this today.

  SparkyJack 11:12 15 Aug 2011

When comments are made about the speed of site access[any site not just PCA] I wonder if the viewer is mentally taking on board what else is happening with his/her system or on the connectivity via their particular ISP and local LLU in the local exchange .

For example a coleague complained over period of time about the speed of his connection- whilst I experience almost optimum input- He lives in the next street- same exchange- But whilst I was formerly of UKOnline- a very low contention ratio -and since their demise BT Infinity [average 37+Mbits] He is a TalkTalk user as are probably many others in the area.

Then of course what is the system doing?

I do experience slowness or even freezes from time to time - probably almost always security updates or intervention ta\king place [Full Zone Alarm].

  spuds 12:33 15 Aug 2011


Thank you for your response, very much appreciated.


In my case I am taking mentally on board the slowness of websites and the ISP provisions, and that is why I am perhaps making comment plus passing on other information about this today.

Like your colleague, I too have TalkTalk as the service provider, and for the past few months have been conducting various regular speedtests and other tests with TT, BT and associates, which have resulted in modification at the exchange and line. In my case the speed as gone from about 1Mb to a now regular 5Mb on a line that should provide 'expected' 6.5Mb (about 1.6 miles from the local exchange by cable, half a mile as the crow flies). I am now more than satisfied with the outcome from TT and BT, because they are still working with me for a better service, but a combination of new and 45 year old equipment is having its drawbacks. Fibre optics or similar as to be the way forward perhaps.

Dross or problematic downloads on a computer is another thing, but if like myself, you do regular checks and adjustments, then errors found elsewhere become more noticable.

  sunnystaines 16:53 15 Aug 2011

would be nice to know what improvements are being looked at to improve the web and which ones discontinued and why from the replies we sent in a while ago

  simonjary 17:28 15 Aug 2011

We've looked through the logs of the alerts we set up to monitor page load times from points across the globe, and can't see any real site-speed issues specific to weekends.

We'll keep looking but nothing unusual from our end, and nothing in the monitoring to suggest otherwise.

We are going to amend the way a post is sent to our system, which will make it slightly less sophisticated in dealing with errors but (we hope) less prone to the Please Wait syndrome.

We'll report back when that's live. At the same time we're going to enhance the logging on process to make that a bit more fluid.

Hope we can get this all live as soon as tomorrow - once we've tested it.



  SparkyJack 18:21 15 Aug 2011

Spuds and Simon Thank you- Internet speed are a common issue as a;ready stated and my 'pat answer' to those folk that complain of treacle speed on the most common [popular]providers is - **Set the alarm for 3 am -then try. +**

  woodchip 20:15 15 Aug 2011

What I get is when posting to a Thread "a Error as occurred you need to refresh the page" at which point if I do not press cancel I lose all I have typed. I then have to copy text and refresh page then reload text and press go strait away or it the same job have to constantly press refresh button

  Condom 01:03 16 Aug 2011

Sometimes I have almost finished typing a post when I realise I have not signed in. Doing so loses everything. Is there a way round this which which saves the posting.

  simonjary 06:33 16 Aug 2011


We're going to fix that, too.

Cheers, Simon

  simonjary 08:49 16 Aug 2011


I'm going to come back to you on the above points in separate, relevant threads.

In future could we keep thread titles to the point of the question/complaint/compliment (!), please, rather than addressing specific members of staff.

We can, of course, be contacted directly using the Contact Us link at the foot of the page, and we do read the threads here so no real need to use names in titles if the threads are appropriately titled.

Thanks, and I should have news on most of the above later today.


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