Message to Pavvi about his film

  hastelloy 18:38 26 Oct 2013

Just seen the film. To be honest, I didn't expect to be that good. It's brilliant - some great humour and tearjerker moments. Overall a real inspirational story.

  tullie 19:30 26 Oct 2013

I feel that maybe I should know what your talking about?

  lotvic 20:27 26 Oct 2013

tullie, We knew 'im afore he was famous, during the process and currently - it's our very own forum member Pavvi that is Paul Potts and they've just released the film about his rise to stardom. Do a google search for: 'paul potts one chance film'

I'm looking forward to watching the film :)

  pavvi 02:11 27 Oct 2013


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have watched it a few times now in premieres and special screenings and it is funny. At times it feels weird to watch someone else playing you, especially when that person 'sings' and it's YOUR voice that comes out of his mouth!

I wanted it to be a comedy, and am glad that the humour is hitting the mark.

The book which will give more and fully accurate detail is out in about two weeks.

  hastelloy 08:48 27 Oct 2013


Look forward to the book. Will there be a Kindle edition?

I thought it was you singing but you didn't seem to be in the credits for this.

  morddwyd 16:31 27 Oct 2013

Never mind the credits, the money is more important, I doubt that pavvi is in need of any more mentions on IMDB!

  lotvic 16:49 27 Oct 2013

morddwyd, Having the talent and fulfilling your dream is Priceless...

  morddwyd 18:57 27 Oct 2013

I suspect pavvi has a;ready done that, and is not too bothered about film credits.

........... but the money does come in handy!

  bumpkin 19:04 27 Oct 2013

Is this really the guy on this site or am I being too sceptical.

  lotvic 20:14 27 Oct 2013

bumpkin, yes, you are being too sceptical. Guess you weren't around in 2007 when we were all voting for Paul.

  bumpkin 20:36 27 Oct 2013

Lotvic thanks, I was not here in 2007 so was unaware of pavvi,s identity. All I can say is that I have great respect for the man not only for his achievements but for the fact he will still post here. Not quite sure what he found the hardest becoming a global celebrity or login in:-)

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