Mesh for laptops?

  Beba 19:57 30 Aug 2004

I'm looking for a decent laptop under £1000 and I've found one by Mesh that I like the look of..but though Mesh has won lots of desktop awards I'm not sure what their laptops - or service record - are like. Any thoughts?

  jack 20:06 30 Aug 2004

Mesh like all other reailers dont make laptops.
It is a laptop from one of half a dozen far east factories with a Mesh lable.
This does not make it a Bad laptop, but take a closer look and then perchance you will see it cheaper with one of the regular makes name on it.

  Beba 13:14 31 Aug 2004

Thank you for your help Jack. Do you think it's better not to look to closely at the brand names then? I thought that some brands have better reputations than others but perhaps that's just a fallacy...I'm very new to all this stuff so my questions might be a bit daft - sorry...

  jack 14:04 31 Aug 2004

Not really daft what ever you buy laptop/car/TV
what ever; you rely on the seller for after service not the maker.
You look at this /that and the other
turnround 3 times and stick a pin in.
You can betcha you picked the wrong one.

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