Merry Christmas... Tribute to VoG

  Kev.Ifty 20:27 17 Dec 2012

Crackermatic... For those that remember VoGs post lol


  Al94 01:00 21 Dec 2012

The link works perfectly, it's to VoG II posting of December 8 2003

  Kev.Ifty 01:22 21 Dec 2012

FE you're going soft.

The link is on PC Advisors web site. lol

  Forum Editor 01:38 21 Dec 2012

"FE you're going soft"

Maybe, but not that soft. I obviously know it's a link to a thread on the site, but it won't open for me. It produces a site error message that normally means that the link is dead - the thread has been deleted. We removed a lot of threads from the archive some time ago, and 2003 was one of the years that would have been involved.

I still can't open your link despite many attempts.

  Forum Editor 01:45 21 Dec 2012

Aha! The mystery is solved. It occurred to me that the problem might have something to do with my special screen - I have edit tools under each thread and post that you can't see. They show me everyone's email address,and enable me to delete/lock/ban and various other things.

I didn't have that screen in 2003,and I wondered if that prevented me from loading those old threads, so I just logged out and presto! Your link worked.

The price you pay for progress.

  lotvic 02:00 21 Dec 2012

Link works ok for me, opens up fine.

Oh I fondly remember the names of those posters, had to chuckle at first response post.

  Forum Editor 02:01 21 Dec 2012


"Link works ok for me, opens up fine"

Well it would,as I explained above. It will open for everyone except me when I'm logged in.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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