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Merry Christmas... Tribute to VoG

  Kev.Ifty 20:27 17 Dec 2012

Crackermatic... For those that remember VoGs post lol


  lotvic 16:50 19 Dec 2012

click on the reindeers nose (have your speakers turned on)

  QuizMan 17:14 19 Dec 2012

Try the spider too

  Blackhat 17:19 19 Dec 2012

Chronos the 2nd

Reindeer to the right of door (in the shadow) spider top left, drops down.

  QuizMan 17:20 19 Dec 2012

Oh good grief and now I discover that clicking that white extension box (or whatever it is) brings about a couple of flashing lights effects.

  Al94 17:45 19 Dec 2012

Thanks Blackhat, remember many of those names.

  lotvic 19:20 19 Dec 2012

where's the white extension box?

I found the spider.

If you continually click on the Store Room sign above the door it gradually changes colour.

  lotvic 19:22 19 Dec 2012

white extension box, it's ok I found it on the wire on the lead from christmas tree, it makes the tree lights flash.

  Kev.Ifty 23:42 20 Dec 2012

Apologies to all, I have no knowledge of VoG's health. My thread is meant as a reminiscence of past posts at Christmas time from VoG.

At this time of year VoG would give us a 'Click Here' for Crackermatic' and us 'Old Boys' would then know Christmas had arrived in PCA land and it was time to wind up FE by posting alsorts of stuff to keep him awake....

I would not recommend it but, it was fun. (I had a few emails telling me off).

Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes FE. sorry for any consternation.

  Kev.Ifty 00:22 21 Dec 2012

Just as illustration.

From 2003. Hope link works.

Thanks all


  Forum Editor 00:39 21 Dec 2012

"it was time to wind up FE by posting alsorts of stuff to keep him awake...."

It still works. It's twenty to one in the morning,and I'm still awake,just like the old days, when the group of forum members I called the night crew and I would exchange pleasantries into the early hours.

As for "Hope link works." it doesn't - where did you get it from?

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