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Mens Doubles final at Queens

  iscanut 13:18 24 Jun 2019

I am not a tennis expert and did not watch the end of the mens doubles but can anyone explain to me how the final set score was 10 - 5 ? An odd score , at least to me !

  Forum Editor 14:29 24 Jun 2019

I wish I could help, but last set match scoring is a bit of a mystery to me - probably something to do with a tie-break I guess.

  Flat Earther 15:53 24 Jun 2019

"can anyone explain to me how the final set score was 10 - 5 ?"

It wasn't a "final set" it was a 10 point tie-breaker after a 2 set match.

  bremner 17:13 24 Jun 2019

This was one of a number of changes made to ATP doubles matches to ensure quicker matches.

The first to 10 third set and the single further point at deuce throughout the game.

  bremner 17:13 24 Jun 2019

Meant to add it does not apply in Grand Slam events.

  iscanut 12:13 25 Jun 2019

Thanks, thought the match was best of 3 sets hence my confusion. Thanks for responses.

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