interzone55 21:37 12 May 2010

Isn't interesting the things you remember.

This evening I was tidying up some more stuff after my house move and found the canvas backpack I used to use in the scouts.
As I pulled it out of the box I remembered there was a pack of paracetamol in the front packet, and sure enough there was. I also remember where I bought them, from a lloyds Pharmacy in Blackburn when I developed a massive headache part way through a sponsored walk from Blackpool to Bury (42 miles, it took around 15 hours). I can't remember the year, but the best before date on the pack is Sept 1997.

I can remember that little thing, but I often forget to pick up my phone on the way out to work...

  mrwoowoo 21:46 12 May 2010

Short term memory is the first to go i'm afraid.
I can certainly vouch for that.

  wee eddie 22:26 12 May 2010

Does it really matter whether you walked to Penzance in '96 or '97.

No, of course it doesn't.

Much better that you can remember the smell of the hedgerows or the feeling of bonhomie created as you walked, as a group, along country lanes, than it is to have a photographic recall of who was there and when it happened

  interzone55 08:41 13 May 2010

There's few things worse than camping with a vegetarian :-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:13 13 May 2010

Short term what goes first?

  birdface 09:17 13 May 2010

Keep going lads and lassies as long as you can still remember things your Ok.
I can still remember my first day at school but cannot remember anything before that.

  peter99co 10:12 13 May 2010

My oldest memory is my sisters birth. I was 2 at the time but remember the stairway and room where my Mother was holding the new baby.

  interzone55 10:43 13 May 2010

I remember my sister's birth as well. I was 2 and a bit at the time, and it was a home birth.

As soon as she was born I gave her my toy stuffed monkey and the mid-wife threw it in the bin in disgust. I still have the monkey on top of my wardrobe.

The thing is, do I remember this, or is it a memory implanted later from stories told by my parents?

  donki 12:46 13 May 2010

I find music as an amazing memory stimulator, its nearly like a flash back when some songs are played for me. I can literally remember certain situations at old discos or clubs down to what I was wearing or what I was talkign about. May sound strange but can be very emotional. Its not as long as some of the things mentioned on this thread but its nearly 15 years ago. Im still a young buck of 28 lol.

  interzone55 15:46 13 May 2010

Yes indeed.

It's not the happiest song, but The Smith's There Is A Light That Never Goes Out always triggers a happy memory, because the first time I heard it coincided with a particularly happy experience with a very nice girl...

  Þ² 16:13 13 May 2010

The only thing I remember a from my childhood is mainly the beatings. I remember highschool well but anything before that I just can't.

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