Memorabilia, what is your choice?

  Cymro. 12:11 06 Aug 2008

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I never was one to appreciate showbiz memorabilia except perhaps as an investment. So what is it about such things that people will spend small fortunes to own?

What is it that you would pay money for to own and how much would you be willing to pay for it assuming that you had the money to do so?

An old Beatles tape as in the BBC link above perhaps, or would your choice be an item of clothing that had been worn by some star or other, how about an autograph of some famous person of the past, anything whatever your heart desires as memorabilia. So what is it going to be then?

  User2008 12:32 06 Aug 2008

"So what is it about such things that people will spend small fortunes to own?"

To be a part of, or associated with something that impacted/changed their lives, or rather they percieved to be such.

  Seth Haniel 13:22 06 Aug 2008

one mans goldmine is anothers trash.

And you'll often find that the value of things is greatly enhanced once you have parted with an item for a pittance.

  Forum Editor 20:01 06 Aug 2008

for the clothes and guns Clint Eastwood used in High Plains Drifter.

  laurie53 20:23 06 Aug 2008

Depends if I wanted it as a future investment or for personal satisfaction.

The Enterprise would be nice, and as an ex-weapons engineer who has worked with a lot of Barnes Wallis's creations in the past a bouncing bomb on a plinth in the garden would be total satisfaction!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:44 06 Aug 2008

I would sell my firstborn and anyone else's that I stumbled upon for any Charles Rennie Mackintosh furniture. I bought an original Arts & Crafts sideboard 5 years ago (not Mackintosh but a piece from the people who influenced him) and because of that I know how Northern Rock feels when they look at their balance account.


  wolfie3000 21:08 06 Aug 2008

Im not what you would call a memorabilia collector but i do collect anything to do with Halo the video game.

Iv got lots of figures, model weapons, replica vehicles, books and audio cd,s
But when ever the new Halo film comes out i will be looking to get any props, costumes, vehicles (If possible) and anything else from the film.

If they make a life size UNSC Pelican Dropship then i would sell my soul for it but then i would have to find a place to put it.

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Lets just hope the film is made and they give the fans an opportunity to buy some of the props from the film.

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  User2008 23:01 06 Aug 2008

A Stargate and DHD for my garden would be cool and I'd like a full working Zat for protection. :)

  Brumas 23:29 06 Aug 2008

The postcard Pat Reid sent from Switzerland to Colditz informing them of their successful 'home run'

  gardener 23:33 06 Aug 2008


Charles Rennie Mackintosh.. not so keen on his furniture or his architectural designs but I love his flower paintings.

  Seth Haniel 08:37 07 Aug 2008

In a WW2 battle re-enactment group and though there were original belt buckles for sale I plummed for a replica used in the film 'A Bridge Too Far'

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