Memo 'shows Blair Iraq war deal with Bush'

  peter99co 12:03 06 Feb 2010

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The memo, which is marked "Top Secret and Confidential" contradicted statements made by Mr Blair.

  egapup 12:39 06 Feb 2010

You mean he was lying????

  rickf 13:07 06 Feb 2010

he certainly was. at the very least being economical with the truth. anyway what eles could he have said w/o incriminating himself. lawyers!!!!

  OTT_B 13:15 06 Feb 2010

And yet he has not made known the contents of the memo [of unknown origins], but is prepared to do so in exchange for a slot on the prime time.

This stinks of something. Maybe an MP who wants to draw attention to himself prior to a General Election.

  Quickbeam 13:20 06 Feb 2010

Only a 'maybe'...?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:07 06 Feb 2010

Too early to draw conclusions here. No-one else has seen the memo yet to confirm it's content and authenticity.

You all seem very quick to believe Elfyn Llwyd is telling the truth and Tony Blair is lying.

Other politicians can be "economical with truth" as well.

  morddwyd 19:36 06 Feb 2010

He's not shown it to anybody, and thinks it "may" be American.

Of course it "may" also be British, as in Conservative Central Office!

Of all the investigative journalist in the world, most of whom would sell their mothers for such a scoop, it's the leader of a minor political party, in a minor country, on a minor island of the north west coast of Europe who ends up with it?

Well, stranger things have happened, but I'll hold my counsel for a wee while longer I think.

  peter99co 21:08 06 Feb 2010

Asked if he believed it could be the "smoking gun" that anti-war campaigners have been looking for, he said: "It could be".

It might also be a damp squib.

  Woolwell 21:27 06 Feb 2010

Top Secret and Confidential on the same document - unlikely.

  OTT_B 21:43 06 Feb 2010

I don't understand. What's unlikely?

  peter99co 21:50 06 Feb 2010

A contradiction in terms possibly?

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