Meetings with old friends not seen for a few years

  bumpkin 21:38 15 Mar 2017

On a more lighthearted vein for a change. Has anyone amusing stories from old pals that they have not seen for a few years. An long term fried of mine came to visit today (not seen him for 5yrs) and we had a laugh about many things in the past including cars. He said a few months ago he had an Audi A6 fully loaded with everything one can think of. He said it was the best car he had ever had and he loved it. One evening while he was having dinner in a back room of his house a neighbour knocked on his door and said "do you know there is a tree on top of your car". It was a "write off"

  Cymro. 14:12 16 Mar 2017

Whenever I meet up with old friends it is how old they look and the age of their children that amazes me. Mind you there was one who I saw recently who had married a second time to a 30 years younger than him Taiwanese girl. We went over for dinner to find out that not only was she gorgeous but she was also a brilliant cook. My shins are still raw from where my wife kicked me all that evening.

  Aitchbee 20:11 17 Mar 2017

I often see grey-haired 'elderly' people whom I instantly recognize from secondary school days [nearly 50 years ago] and it's uncanny how it's something as simple as the manner in which way they walk that immediately makes them recognizable to me and suddenly they are all 14-year-olds again!

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