Meet the 92 year old Major helping Pakistan

  ronalddonald 11:41 07 May 2010

click here

He's 92 years old and British and from the Old School.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:15 07 May 2010

Page not found but your point is?


  ronalddonald 12:59 07 May 2010

sorry page was not found try this one i hope it works, how many 92 year olds still do this

  ronalddonald 12:59 07 May 2010
  canarieslover 13:19 07 May 2010

He's in the Secret Service so they have hi-jacked the page to prevent anyone else viewing it!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:20 07 May 2010

...and your point still is or is this just a random piece of previously reported news?


  ronalddonald 16:16 07 May 2010

how many 92 year old majors do you know who are doing what this old codger is doing for a good cause.


  Armchair 17:44 07 May 2010

Thank you, Mr Grace."

  sunnystaines 22:25 07 May 2010

is the army out there that hard up?

could they soon have a grandads army

  Forum Editor 23:40 07 May 2010

this man's story is an inspiring one, and it deserves a wider audience. Selflessness is an increasingly rare trait, and more's the pity.

Major Langlands is undoubtedly a man of considerable character - I knew nothing of him until I saw the BBC item.

  jakimo 13:14 08 May 2010

Hes one of many British individuals throughout the world doing good work

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