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medical bio-magnets- are they any good?

  Terry Brown 11:55 24 Jun 2014

I have rheumetism and I have been told that a bio-magnet may help(not by a doctor).

Have you used one and did it do any good or harm

Thanks for looking Terry

  johndrew 16:01 24 Jun 2014

There is more in nature than any one person knows and time after time the experts have needed to concede that non-prescribed options work. If using pressure point wristbands works for seasickness why not magnets for rheumatism. My feeling is that if it works for you then all is good and the magnets are relatively inexpensive.

  carver 17:39 24 Jun 2014

Any thing is worth a try as long as you don't over pay, who is to say they don't work, stranger things are now known to work.

If a doctor had said to you 15 years ago that they were going to treat your wound to your leg by using maggots you would have run a mile, so don't knock it till you try it.

  chub_tor 19:15 24 Jun 2014

I've been an arthritis sufferer for more years than I care to remember and about 15 years ago my wife bought me one of these from Bioflow Whether it is the bracelet, the glucosamine tablets I also take, age related or purely placebo I don't know but the arthritis I have in my knees and hips is much reduced. I wear it day and night and have never tried to see if things get worse by leaving it off as I wouldn't want to go through my old pain again. As others have said, always worth a try, just give it a bit of time.

  morddwyd 19:39 24 Jun 2014

Works for me.

I make no other claims.

  BT 07:34 25 Jun 2014

I've had one for a while.I have suffered from painful joints for many years and was diagnosed with Gout a couple of years ago. Whether its the bracelet or the Allopurinol, Glucosamine or the freeze dried Montmorency Cherry that I take, the swellings in my hands have gone and I haven't had a sore knee for at least two years now. I take the opinion that it all probably helps but I have heard that magnetic bracelets can affect some people adversly.

My Doctor recommended Glucosamine, and personally I'm convinced that the Cherry extract does me good and it gets good recommendations on Gout/Arthritis forums. Its expensive but worth it if it stops me getting swollen painful fingers

  wee eddie 11:29 25 Jun 2014

With the exception of the Cherry Stuff, I have tried everything mentioned above.

Then I stopped.

Nothing happened, I didn't seize up and life goes on.

Oh, by the way, I spend the money I save on wine and whisky

  johndrew 13:46 25 Jun 2014

Oh, by the way, I spend the money I save on wine and whisky

Presumably the song comes free :-))

  bumpkin 14:20 25 Jun 2014

And the wild women:-)

  sunnystaines 18:33 25 Jun 2014

bought a medic magnet pillow [pillow with some magnets sewen in] supposed to help migraine. ended up with the worst migraine i had ever had.

  Forum Editor 19:06 25 Jun 2014

I'm sure it's not necessary for me to say that you shouldn't wear these magnets (or any others) if you have a heart pacemaker, or an insulin pump.

But I've said it anyway.

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