Medical Advice needed

  Kevscar1 16:29 12 Aug 2009

Had Op for Carpel Tunnel 26th Jun. Hand still badly swollen. Saw Surgeon Monday, he has no idea why, never seen anything like it before. Xray shows swelling. He ss going to consult with colleagues. However he told physiotherapist to start aggresive therapy tomorrow.
I am worried that as they don't know what the problem is that might cause further damage.
Should I refuse treatment until they find out whats wrong.

  Pine Man 16:31 12 Aug 2009

If you are not happy with your experienced consultant this is the last place you should be asking for advice!

  Forum Editor 16:51 12 Aug 2009

in this situation - physiotherapy might be just what's needed, and an experienced physiotherapist isn't going to plough ahead if he/she thinks there's a reason not to. Some people do experience some swelling after this operation - it's called Edema, and physiotherapy can help resolve it.

I'm not qualified to give you medical advice, and nor is anyone else in the forum, so my comment is based on my own feelings. I would tend to listen to the surgeon, and follow his advice. Above all, try not to worry (easy for me to say), because I'm sure this will be sorted out with treatment.

  Kevscar1 17:05 12 Aug 2009

But if the surgeon doesn't know whats causing it how can he prescribe treatment.

  TopCat® 17:26 12 Aug 2009

Knowing what it's all about can be of great help to some and the surgeon should have explained procedure to you. However, here's some info on treatments and possible post-operative results. I would certainly follow your surgeon's advice on this. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 17:29 12 Aug 2009

many times, if not connected with Carpal tunnels, and knows that it can be successfully treated by physiotherapy. Presumably he's recommending this treatment because he knows it can do no harm, and might well resolve the problem. Massage after this type of surgical procedure isn't at all unusual.

  Armchair 17:43 12 Aug 2009

Have a good chat with the physiotherapist before he/she starts any treatment. Maybe make a list of your concerns and take it with you. See what they have to say. Don't let them push you into anything you're not comfortable with.

  Kevscar1 18:09 12 Aug 2009

He stated he has never seen anything like it. Thats why he is going to speak to colleagues about it at a meeting on Friday.
Swelling was completely gone on the other hand after 17 days and they did not start massage until then.

  Forum Editor 18:29 12 Aug 2009

at around 14 days, but not before, so that fits with your experience. The massage is usually to deal with the small lump that can form at the base of your palm - it's related to scar formation.

I can tell that you're quite concerned about this, and I understand why - the fact that your surgeon has told you he's not sure what has caused the swelling is obviously not going to fill you with confidence, but maybe your imagination is working overtime?

Swelling is your body's reaction to the surgery, and provided there's no sign of infection - and I assume that has been checked - I doubt that it's anything to worry about. As I said earlier, I'm not qualified to advise you, but in your place I think I would be going to see the physiotherapist tomorrow. Voice your concerns at that time, but try not to fret too much for now.

  Kevscar1 19:14 12 Aug 2009

It,s just that to start a treatment before he discusses it with his colleagues seems a bit risky. If it hasn't started to go down after 42 days this indicates that there is something wrong, hand is badly swollen from above wrist right down to bottom finger joints.
Just worried that aggressive massage could possibly cause more damage.

  Forum Editor 19:30 12 Aug 2009

we're not qualified to advise you. I would be inclined to discuss this with the physiotherpist, and if you're still in doubt you could always suggest that treatment is postponed for a day, until the surgeon has discussed with colleagues.

You're answering your own question really; you clearly aren't happy about this treatment, but deciding to refuse it is a decision only you can make.

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