Mech KB2 vanished from site.

  bumpkin 12:55 16 Aug 2014

Has anyone noticed the disappearance of MechKB2 and all his posts?

  bumpkin 13:22 16 Aug 2014

Perhaps he should call himself Pimpernel:-)

  bumpkin 13:26 16 Aug 2014

Was he a spammer? I don't recall that.

  bumpkin 14:03 16 Aug 2014

I wouldn't call that spamming. what is in it for him?

  bumpkin 14:31 16 Aug 2014

HB, that does not sound too offensive. I was thinking of something else.

  bumpkin 14:40 16 Aug 2014

what is in it for him?: You tell us bumpkin, He's your Buddy.

He is or was a member of this site that has helped myself and many others in the past. Perhaps you can give some more examples of his spamming or do you intend to start calling people Jerks and bum chums as you did last time.

  bumpkin 14:59 16 Aug 2014

"I regret his , and fourm members absences. A bit of spice in a forum does no harm."

fourm member seems to have gone for whatever reason but his posts remain, he was not exterminated.

  bumpkin 15:16 16 Aug 2014

"I regret his , and fourm members absences":

That was a quote from JB not my words.

"you started it" started what I don't call people jerks and bum chums.

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